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Holiday Lights:
Custom Made for You by Senske

Twinkling lights outside the home or business only hint at the warmth shining inside during the holidays. Holiday lights are an exciting marker of this joyous time of year. Actually putting them up is the chore.

Our holiday lighting installation is a custom design that adds sparkle to your home or business for the holidays and events, such as weddings, fundraisers and parties! With Senske's lighting service, we promise:

  • A dazzling lighting display. You'll find yourself smiling every time you look at your home or place of business. Your choice of colors, animation and lighting placement brings your holiday lights to life.
  • A safe and guaranteed job. No need to hassle over this dangerous project by climbing on ladders and rooftops. Let our professional light designers take care of everything.
  • Your weekends back. Use the time you would spend hanging lights to enjoy the holiday season with your family.

If this sounds like music to your ears, give us a jingle at (877) 944-4007. Or request an estimate to the left and we'll call you to light your path to the holiday season.

Holiday Light Service: What's Included?

From design to installation to the very last light bulb, our holiday decorators will have your home or business in festive fashion from stoop to roof. The Senske holiday light service includes:

  • Design that matches or exceeds your imagination.
  • The best in lights, decorations and equipment. Top-quality LED lights are extra bright and cut down energy costs!
  • Installation and removal of all decorations.
  • Two nighttime checks during the season to make sure the lights are still twinkling.

The advantages of using Senske's holiday light service include:

  1. Custom design: You and our professional holiday decorators collaborate to create your vision. 
  2. No hassle: We put the holiday lights up, take them down, provide the lights and decorations — and you keep your time.
  3. Safety: No need to endanger yourself with electrical cords, ladders and rooftops each year. Let our pros handle this labor-intensive job.
  4. Lights and equipment: Don't fuss with taking lights out of storage or putting them away. We provide the lights based on your design choices. We also have LED bulbs that are more vivid than traditional bulbs and save on energy costs.
  5. Twinkle checks: We check your lights twice at night during the holiday season to fix any burnt out bulbs or shorts, so your house is always shining bright.
  6. The Senske Promise: We're not happy unless you're happy. Our motto is: "You like it or we fix it."

Holiday Lighting Installation: Features and Pricing

All Senske lighting jobs are customized to each client and their home or business. Pricing for Senske light service is based on the elements used in your custom design for event lighting, including:

  • Roof ridges and surfaces.
  • Windows and doors.
  • Ground lighting for trees, shrubs, walkways and landscapes.
  • LED lighting for a brighter display and energy savings.
  • Color design for Christmas lighting, Hanukkah lighting, Halloween, other seasonal lighting needs and special events.
  • Animation lighting choreographed to music!

Get your custom holiday lighting quote for your home or business today. Call us at (877) 944-4007 or request an estimate with the button to the left.

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Holiday Lighting

This service is currently not offered in Las Vegas.

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