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Lawn Care and Pest Control FAQ

Listed here are the most frequently asked questions about our lawn care, tree care, pest control and snow removal services. Do you have a question that's not listed below? Please click here and we will get back to you within one business day.

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Question: I received a statement even though I paid my bill.

Answer: Most statements are processed a few days after the 20th of each month. Your statement only reflects payments received and posted by the 20th. If your payment is mailed close to the 20th, it is possible your payment wasn't received in time for posting prior to statement printing.

The good news is you have a great opportunity to save time and get real time information on your balance. You can view your up-to-the-minute balance at our secure web site. Once logged in you can see payments, charges and scheduled services. And, if you wish, you can also set up services to be paid by credit card, debit card or e-check electronic funds automatically at no additional charge to you.

Lawn Care

Question: Does the spring lawn special take care of dandelions and crabgrass?

Answer: One good weed and feed application will take care of about 90% of the emerged dandelions in your yard. However regular treatments of weed and feed every 4-6 weeks are necessary to maintain these results. This is because some of the tougher weeds that don't meet their demise on the original treatment will usually be eliminated the second time around. Newly emerged seedlings just keep coming so our program is designed to maintain your lawn free of controllable weeds.

Question: How do I get rid of mushrooms in my lawn?

Answer: Mushrooms in your lawn are the fruiting body of fungi growing on decaying vegetation, other organic material in the soil or thatch layer of your lawn. When mushrooms pop up it is generally a symptom of all environmental conditions being perfect for the organism to fruit. One of those conditions is high moisture content. Overwatering can encourage mushrooms to grow. Regular attention to watering schedules and sprinkler adjustments can help ease this issue.

Question: Is there any way to get rid of the yellow spots my dog causes?

Answer: Dog spots caused by female dog urination is the result of a high concentration of uric acid from the urine. There are some medications on the market for animals that can minimize the effect of urine spots. Regular weed and feeds can increase curb appeal, but will not prevent these spots from occurring. Sometimes heavy flushing with water immediately after urination will dilute the concentration of uric acid in the soil.

Question: What can I do about fairy rings?

Answer: Fairy ring is the common name of about 60 different fungi named because of the nature of their growth pattern. As the fungus grows on organic material in the soil or thatch, the mycelium becomes matted and dense in the thatch layer of your lawn. The mycelium is hydrophobic and so grass growing in that area becomes stressed and slowly dies. Sometime the fungus produces chemicals that make the grass greener on the outer edge of the circle. There are treatments to control fairy ring fungi. Proper identification must be made prior to treatment so it is not confused with the much more serious necrotic ring spot disease. Senske offers a treatment strategy for both fungus diseases. Please call or email us for a free estimate.

Question: What do you charge for a "regular size typical lawn"?

Answer: Size matters when it comes to treating lawns. The most accurate way to determine your lawn area and price is to call or email us for a free estimate. If you know how long it takes to push mow your lawn, you can figure the approximate price. Figure 10 minutes for every 1000 square feet. For example, 60 minutes to push mow is about 6000 sq. ft. of lawn. Call us. We'll be happy to give you the approximate price.

Question: The notes on the invoice say to water in the application, but my sprinklers aren't scheduled to come on for a few days. What do I do?

Answer: Please follow the directions your service technician left on your invoice. If further clarification is needed, feel free to contact our office.

Question: My lawn application was just completed. When can I mow?

Answer: Most of what we just sprayed went to well below the level of the grass you are mowing to. Of course, a very small amount of materials we applied will be removed if you mow, catch the clippings and throw clippings away. If you mulch, you can mow whenever you'd like because the clippings and our material will remain on your lawn. If you bag, you can be confident all material has been retained if you water once normally before mowing. NOTE: Do not spread lawn clippings in your garden for three mowings after a treatment has been made. Some garden plants can be very sensitive to the materials that we use if transferred from the grass clippings.

Pest Control

Question: Is pest control safe for my children? My pets?

Answer: Most pest management applications can be accomplished with little or no inconvenience to you or your family. Should you or family members have an aversion to odors it would be suggested that you leave the premises while your pest management technician services the interior of your home. In the case of exterior applications, pets should be kept indoors until the application material has dried. Please speak with the pest management technician, at the time of service, regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

Question: Where do I find someone to take away honey bees?

Answer: As most honey bee species are considered a beneficial insect, honey bee removal should always be considered a first option. If the colony is readily accessible, a local beekeeper may be contacted for colony removal. In some instances, colony removal may not be an option and eradication of the colony and the removal of honey combs may be necessary. Most pest management professionals are capable of accomplishing this task.

Sales and Estimates

Question: What can I expect from a free estimate?

Answer: A Senske expert will come out and perform a no-hassle evaluation of your lawn, trees, and pest control needs. Your personal Senske representative will go over your concerns with you, then recommend services and let you know the price of each service at the time of the estimate. Your representative will give you a schedule if needed and will accept deposits or payments for the services you request. You can also purchase and order estimated services at Senske.com or by calling your local office.

Question: Do you do irrigation repair estimates?

Answer: Sprinkler repair and irrigation repair service is priced based on an hourly labor rate plus parts. Please call our office for current rates. An estimate may be requested and it is charged at the regular repair rate.

Service and Scheduling

Question: When will my service be done?

Answer: We will schedule service on the day you would like when we are in your neighborhood. We try to be in most neighborhoods two days a week. Some outlying neighborhoods will be visited on a less frequent schedule.

When you order your new service program, we will work with you to set the date for your first service that meets your needs. For future services you may go to the My Account tab on the upper right corner of Senske.com . Services that are scheduled will be listed there. You can make a schedule change or request a special date from that page if you wish.

You may also set up your services to receive Senske e-mail alerts so you know when we are coming in the future.

Question: Can you notify me before you do my next service so I know when you are coming?

Answer: Our most popular method of notifying customers of pending service delivery dates is Senske e-mail alerts. The business day prior to your scheduled service we will send an email alert letting you know when we will be at your home. Links in the alert let you communicate directly with the Senske team so we can accommodate any special requests. Look for special offers in the Senske e-mail alert to save money on future services as well.

Snow Removal and Deicing

Question: Do you do snow plowing or deice for residential customers?

Answer: Senske offers snow removal and deice services for commercial properties only.