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6 Tips for Halloween Safety

October 30th, 2013

Tomorrow is Halloween and I like a lot of parents around the country am getting things prepared to take my son Trick-or-Treating. I started to think about safety with taking my child out around our new neighborhood and did some research on different safety tips. We love the holidays at Senske, but more than anything we love having great times, and creating memories with our families. We want all those memories to be happy and safe. Here are some safety tips for taking your kids out on Halloween night.

1. Don’t Send Them Out Alone

 Children that are out on Halloween should always be accompanied by an adult. It is an exciting and fun time of year, but excitement can sometimes lead to danger. Having an adult along ensures that the kids get to worry about having fun while the adult keeps everyone safe.

 2. Make Sure Everything Fits

Coming up with the perfect Halloween costume can almost feel like a full time job in some houses. Everything has to be perfect for big night and the time and effort put into great costumes can be astounding. It is important though to make sure that custom isn’t dragging or restricts walking at all. Costumes that are too baggy can lead to tripping and other injuries. Also consider using make up rather than a mask for your costume so that vision isn’t restricted.

 3. Light The Way

 Halloween is known to be dark and creepy. With that in mind it’s important that kids out visiting homes are able to see, and be seen, while trick-or-treating. One option is to give each kid a flashlight that they can use to light their way, or find ways to incorporate glow sticks into a costume.

 4. Remind Kids To Look Both Ways

Kids have one thing in mind while they are out trick-or-treating, get as much candy as possible. That can include massive routes that cross into different sections of town. Remind kids that it is important to take the time to look both ways while crossing the street, and that all group members should cross the street at the same time.

 5. Plan Your Attack In Advance

Part of the fun of Halloween is to see how much candy kids can obtain throughout the evening. This leads to kids wanting to visit as many homes as possible. It’s important for the adult accompanying the trick-or-treater’s to plan a route ahead of time. This helps to ensure that groups stay together and that the safest routes are taken, keeping the group safe through the evening.

6. Check All Candy

Finally after the evening is done and the group is ready to enjoy their hard earned candy, it’s important for an adult to check all candy before letting it be enjoyed. All candy should still be in its original wrapper with no damage.

And the most important tip……HAVE FUN, and have a great Halloween.