Tree Removal Services

Senske’s ISA certified arborists are well-equipped to remove any tree quickly and safely. A certified arborist is someone who has been trained in the science and art of planting and caring for trees. Senske’s arborists are certified by ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), the top authority in caring for trees. This means when Senske works for you, you can trust that your trees are in the best hands.

There comes a time when a tree stops being an asset and becomes a liability. Trees that shed leaves, branches, or cones can create a mess and even a safety hazard. Dead trees take up space, are an eyesore, and pose a direct threat to your property in case of fire or a storm. Knowing when it is time to hire a tree removal service to take care of this problem is important. Are you in need of tree removal services?


Why Do I Need Tree Removal Services?

Senske’s number one priority is our customer’s safety. Tree removal is more than a helpful service, it can also protect your family from falling branches or heavy fruit and cones. Dead trees are especially dangerous on your property. Dead trees are not pleasant and if they rot, they become unstable. Preventing an incident where a dead tree has blown over, or simply fell over, destroying property and endangering lives is a Senske priority. The best thing you can do to protect your family is have the tree removed completely. Senske also offers stump grinding services, removing your tree from top to bottom.

Another benefit of tree removal services is improving the appearance of your property. Dead or diseased trees are unsightly and take up unnecessary space. You may be surprised how much the simple removal of a tree could benefit your property. Even if a tree is neither dead or diseased, you may be wanting a change. Senske is committed to accommodating to your needs in order to receive the best experience possible.


Tree Removal Service in Your City

Senske offers tree removal services in multiple locations, including:

    •    Boise
 Tree Removal
    •    Kennewick
 Tree Removal
    •    Provo
 Tree Removal
    •    Salt Lake City
 Tree Removal
    •    Spokane
 Tree Removal
    •    Yakima Tree Removal

About Senske’s Tree Removal Services

A ‘Certified Arborist’  is a person who is trained and educated in all things tree. They possess the know-how to properly plant and maintain trees. Because our customers expect the best, ​Senske arborists are ISA certified. What is the ISA? The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) is a network of the world’s top experts on trees. When they certify an arborist, this means the arborist has the approval on the number one authority on trees, ISA. Since Senske has ISA certified tree arborists on staff, they have the knowledge and experience to take care of a wide variety of trees. When they get to work, you can be confident that they will know exactly how to handle the trees on your property.

How Much Does Tree Removal Services Cost?

The cost of tree removal services is dependent on the conditions of the tree removal itself. Tree removal takes a team of experienced technicians to safely and effectively remove a tree while minimizing risk of damage to surrounding property. Senske’s technicians will survey the kind of tree, the size of the tree, as well as where the tree is located to determine the best possible method of removal. Specialized equipment for removing trees are then put to use, swiftly cutting down the tree and disposing of debris. Be sure to take advantage of our 100% free estimate!

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, what gets left behind is its stump. Stump grinding will break down the tough roots of the leftover stump. Senske recommends removing the tree stump and trunk completely, followed by stump grinding. After all, why go through the trouble of removing a tree while keeping the stump in place?

The stump can be very difficult to remove because it is usually deeply rooted in the earth. The difficulty of removal is dependent on the species, size, and age of the tree in question. Thankfully, Senske knows exactly how to grind a stump while causing minimal damage to property grounds. Stump grinding is the final solution for a complete tree removal service.

 About Tree Trimming and Pruning Service

If you are considering removing a tree, you may be surprised how far tree pruning could go in helping a tree recover. If you have living trees that you are considering have cut, you may need tree pruning services instead. Tree pruning helps to prevent various tree diseases that could spread from limb to limb. Pruning and trimming promotes healthy trees if done correctly and consistently.

Senske’s ISA Arborists know exactly how to prune trees so that it encourages healthy growth and recovery. Incorrect pruning could damage and stress a formerly healthy tree. This is why it is so important for an arborist to handle tree cutting.

 How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

The cost of tree pruning and trimming varies by job. Because of this, we recommend that you take advantage of our free estimate. Senske wants to ensure that you are getting the service you need for your unique situation. If you are interested in finding out if tree trimming is right for you, contact us to get a free estimate.

When is the Best Time to Have My Trees Trimmed?

Trimming to arborist standard can be done any time of year. Tree trimming is best done during winter. This is because dead or diseased branches can be removed to prepare the tree for a vigorous growing season in the spring. Since most trees are dormant in cold months, trimming during winter will not inhibit any branches that are trying to grow. Another good time is during summer after the growing season. It will be more obvious which branches need trimming, as the new burden of leaves may weigh them down. Dead or diseased branches will stand apart from healthy green branches too.

Get Your Free Tree Removal Estimate

Whether you need tree removal services, or simply tree pruning, Senske will deliver the best possible service to you. Senske’s ISA certified arborists will take care of your trees, so that you will enjoy your property for years to come.

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