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We have all seen it - looking at our lush, green grass we suddenly see something growing that doesn’t belong. Although most people have dealt with crabgrass in their lawns, it remains one of the most misidentified lawn weeds and a challenge for weed control. Some will see tall and wide stalks of grass growing and believe they are dealing with crabgrass. Crabgrass, however, doesn’t grow upright but rather close to the ground and gets its name from the stems that grow out low, like crab legs, and has a blue-green or a yellow-green color.

crabgrassCrabgrass is an annual weed that grows during the spring as the soil warms up. Ideal germinating time for crabgrass is when the soil temperature is between 55 and 60 degrees, usually around early spring. Crabgrass control becomes very difficult once it sprouts because the plants quickly get to the seeding phase and drop up to 5,000 seeds onto your lawn. When lawns are trimmed too low, it gives the soil a better chance to warm up and makes it that much easier for crabgrass to root and take over the lawn.

As the season progresses, the weed will start to turn a reddish brown as the plant matures. Once the first frost hits, the annual crabgrass plant dies and lies dead until winter weather causes the dead weed to disintegrate, only to be replaced by new plants from its fertile seeds the next spring.

Besides the unfavorable appearance of having crabgrass taking over a lawn, it can actually cause major damage as well. As crabgrass grows, it can release a root toxin into the soil that can cause the lawn grass or blue grass lawn to weaken, in turn making it easier for the crabgrass to reproduce in other areas. As the weed matures it will release seeds in the fall that will stay dormant until spring when the soil warms up and the cycle repeats itself.

Don’t let crabgrass choke the beauty and life out of your lawn.  Start now to create a healthy lawn that will resist crabgrass next season. Contact us today at (877) 944-4007 or click for a Free Estimate for crabgrass control and removal services, and let us take care of these unwanted lawn guests.