Natural Ways To Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free

Most lawn owners love a green, weed-free lawn. However, with the ever growing consciousness about effects on the environment, lawn owners are looking for more “green” ways to deal with yard weeds. Organic weed control is emerging as a very effective alternative of controlling weeds without the use of harmful chemicals.

Organic weed controlHand weeding still remains the most organic way to deal with weeds. Hand weeding is effective because there are no chemicals to work around your schedule or the weather. Also, if you can pull weeds out while they are still sprouting, you can remove the whole weed without having to use a weedkiller that leaves dead leaves and stems that you later would have to rake or pull up anyway. The longer a weed grows, the harder it will be to remove, therefore it is important to schedule weeding at least once a month to keep weeds from growing to an unmanageable size.

If weeds have grown to the point where they are too large to hand pull, there are still other organic methods that can be used. There is an increase of organic herbicides that work by burning off the waxy cuticle that helps the plants stay safe from losing water. Without these cuticles, plants soon loose water and die. It is best to spray in the morning before the wind has a chance to get started and also, using a paper cup with a hole cut in the bottom will help to make sure only desired plants (weeds) are affected.

The use of mulch can also be used to cover open areas. Organic mulch is made from straw, grass clippings, leaves, and shredded bark. Applying mulch can help to hamper sunlight from reaching emerging weeds and prevent them from growing. Also, placing a layer of shredded newspaper under the mulch can help to protect the lawn against weeds.

Finally, yard owners can also use corn gluten meal and spread it over areas where weeds are sprouting. Care should be taken with this method because corn meal inhibits the germination of seeds and can cause newly planted desired plant growth to stop. This method is best used in established yards.

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