Tree Trimming and Pruning Service in Boise, ID


Your yard should be a safe place to enjoy. Senske is dedicated to making this a reality in every way. One of the many ways we do this, is through our tree pruning service in Boise, ID. While the kids play in the yard, you shouldn’t have to worry about their safety. Pruning is not only important for the health of your trees, but also for the safety of those around them. Falling branches or cones may injure people below. Don’t let your trees become a hazard!

Why Senske Tree Care in Boise, ID?

Senske gives you the opportunity to keep your property beautiful and safe, all the while letting you invest your time elsewhere. Our ISA certified arborists are specially trained in all things tree care. No matter your needs, Senske certified arborists can provide a solution. Senske’s ISA certified arborists understand a wide variety of species, including species that are found in the Boise area. Our team will quickly assess, execute, and clean up remaining debris. Your trees will look great, and you won’t have to do a thing!
Tree pruning offers three main benefits:
    •  Health - Trimming and pruning removes dead and diseased branches from the tree, allowing for new healthy growth to take their place. Reducing the amount of unnecessary branches gives your trees a more pleasant look and lets the sunshine in! 

    • Beauty - Well-maintained trees vastly improve the appearance of your property. Trimming branches thin out an otherwise crowded tree. Trimming low-hanging branches give room below to enjoy the shade. Keeping a tree pruned and happy will prolong its lifespan and bring the beauty out of the tree.

    • Safety - Tree trimming not only improves beauty and health, but it also makes the tree safer to be around. Weak branches left to themselves are at risk of breaking and falling off. Large branches are especially dangerous because of how heavy they are. Pruning removes these hazardous branches before they have a chance to fall and injure someone. 


Do You Need Tree Removal Service?

If the trees on your property have been a nuisance or even a hazard, you may want to consider tree removal services. Dead trees or living ones that shed leaves, cones, or branches all over your yard can be an eyesore, and more importantly, could pose as a threat. Dead trees and trees with shallow roots could blow over causing extensive damage or even endanger lives. In this case, it would be much better to completely remove the tree altogether. If you are thinking of tree pruning services, but the above description applies to your situation, you may need tree removal service instead.
Let our ISA certified arborists tackle your problems in order to keep your property safe and beautiful. To learn more about Senske’s tree removal service, contact us today.

ISA Certified Arborists 

Senske employs ISA certified arborists. What does this mean? An arborist is an individual trained in the science and art of planting and maintaining trees. From tiny seed to flourishing beauty, arborists know how to nurture and bring out the best in any tree. Arborists can act as consultants for tree care as well as work with you to make landscaping improvements. With Senske’s ISA certified arborists, your trees are in good hands.
Where do our arborists’ certifications come from? The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is the leading authority on the care and planting of trees. These top experts on tree care only certify arborists who pass their rigorous exams. So when you see the ISA seal of approval, you know you are getting the best tree service

Trimming Trees in Boise, ID


Professional tree trimming service involves several steps. Our ISA certified arborists will first assess what your property needs to optimize the health and beauty of your trees. They will be able to spot any hazards that your trees may pose. Typically, our ISA certified arborists will remove dead branches and clear, or elevate, low hanging branches to make space around the trunk. They may also reduce the height and size of your trees at your request. One practice we avoid is a tree cutting method called “topping”. Topping indiscriminately removes limbs and branches in a way that is traumatic to trees. It may permanently damage a tree, deform it, or even kill it. Senske’s certified arborists will only trim branches in a way that promotes health and beauty in your trees. 

Trimming and Pruning Different Tree Species in Boise, ID

Senske’s ISA certified arborists will confidently handle any number of tree species. From pines, to oaks, fruit trees, and more, no tree is overlooked. We recommend pruning trees in the winter. Most trees will be dormant during this time, which allows branch trimming without inhibiting growth.
To prune fruit trees, certified arborists will thin branches so that fruit gets more light without leaving it vulnerable during winter months. Flowering fruit trees should be pruned when their flowers begin to fade. Many fruit trees are also time-sensitive because risks of infection. Plum trees should be pruned mid-summer to avoid silver leaf disease. Apple trees should be pruned in spring or summer to avoid a common disease called fireblight. Pruning fruit trees is important to promote a great harvest and ensure the health of fruit trees for future seasons.
Pruning oak trees is also dependant on time. The best time to prune oak trees is before April and after October. Otherwise, your oak tree may run the risk of developing oak wilt disease.
Pine trees are not as sensitive to time as their counterparts, however, it helps to avoid late summer and early fall to prune. Both aspens and pines are dormant during winter which is the the best time to do so. If these trees sustain any form of damage, they should be pruned immediately to avoid developing disease. 

Serving the Boise, ID Area

Boise, ID has a wide variety of native tree species each with their own special needs. Common trees in the Boise area are: Grand Fir, Rocky Mountain Maple, Western Juniper, Serviceberry, Netleaf Hackberry, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Western Larch, Ponderosa Pine, Aspen, Chokecherry, Douglas Fir, and, Cascara. All of these trees and more are familiar to Senske’s ISA certified arborists who are trained to care for each species.
Are you looking for tree trimming services in Boise, ID, or elsewhere? Senske offers services in: Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Parma, Fruitland, Payette, Greenleaf, Mountain Home, Garden City, Weiser, Emmett, Marsing, Garden Valley, Horseshoe Bend, Melba, New Plymouth, Parma, Hiddens Springs, and Ontario, Oregon.
Find your location and contact us today for a free estimate! 

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost? 

To determine how much tree pruning costs, Senske needs to know how many trees need pruning, what is the size of the trees, what condition the trees are in, and the nature of past tree care. With this information, we can offer you a completely free estimate of how much tree trimming will cost.
If you are looking for a tree trimming service in Boise, ID from ISA certified arborists, contact Senske today for a free estimate!