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Hiring a tree service professional like Senske will ensure that your lacey aspens, regal elms and vibrant maples will continue to grow and thrive. You will appreciate the value of your home more and feel good that you're giving your family continued pleasure and shade. Or, if you're a business owner, you will maintain a positive image for your commercial property. Call today (208) 762-3156

Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) organization. And they’re experienced in caring for trees and shrubs in Coeur d’Alene and surrounding communities. Why not put their skills to good use and not worry about ongoing shrub and tree trimming, tree pruning, and insect control? Just give us a call.

Advantages of Senske for Tree Service

By using our shrub and tree service, you’ll not only protect your trees and the investment they provide to your property but avoid potential problems. Instead of dealing with discoloration, leaf spots and leaf drop, you’ll notice improve leaf size and enhanced color and vitality. Hire us today and receive:
  • Assistance from certified arborists
  • Regularly scheduled inspections and control for insects and disease
  • Application of seasonal fertilizers and dormant sprays
  • Application of nutrients injected down into the root zone
  • Optional shrub and tree trimming and pruning

Maintain Landscape with Tree Service

Getting the right tree service has never been easier. Just partner with Senske’s ISA-certified experts in insect and disease control. Next, trust our arborists to know the proper tree service that’s right for your locale. This will give you the best defense when unusual problems occur and ensure that your trees will continue to provide shade and beauty for generations.

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Senske Services
10269 North Taryne St.
Hayden, ID 83835
Phone: (208) 762-3156

Professional arborists and tree service providers for Hayden and Coeur d’Alene, as well as all surrounding areas: Athol, Bayview, Harrison, Post Falls, Hauser, Rathdrum, Sagle, Sandpoint, Spirit Lake, Medimont, Priest River, St Maries, Worley and Laclede.