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Senske Services provides professional tree services in Idaho Falls, ID. After more than 70 years providing professional tree services, our arborists know the Idaho Falls area trees well. We provide a variety of tree and shrub services in Eastern Idaho. Our vast experience and extensive knowledge of tree care means your trees will be in good hands.

Senske Tree Services 

Senske takes a holistic approach to providing quality tree services. This approach allows your trees and shrubs to thrive year after year. Our tree care services include:

Tree Trimming — Regular trimming allows your trees to grow better each spring. Cutting away old or dead branches near the end of the winter can prevent your trees and shrubs from getting overcrowded. More light can reach their leaves making your trees and shrubs healthier and stronger. Senske Services also provides tree pruning to give your yard the design of your choice.

Tree Pest Control — We can help protect your trees and shrubs from pests and disease. Fungi, beetles, worms, aphids, and caterpillars each require a quick response to prevent extensive damage. Senske specializes in preventative treatments that are tailored to the unique pests of the Idaho Falls area. 

Tree & Stump Removal — When trees become dangerous or dead trees become an eyesore, Senske can remove them. A dead or badly damaged tree can threaten the safety of your property.

Dead trees are at risk of falling over causing injury or property damage. Senske eliminates this problem by providing safe, efficient stump and tree removal. Our stump grinding service clears the last remains of the old tree out of the way, making way for new trees.

Over 70 Years of Experience

Senske has been providing tree services since 1947, which means we’ve experienced everything the local environment can throw at us. We have optimized our services to the unique ecological conditions of the Idaho Falls area. As a certified arborist company, Senske provides tree services as swiftly as we do safely. Through proper application of sprays and fungicides, careful fertilization, and a range of other techniques, we keep your trees fully free of pests so that nothing stands in the way of their continued growth.

Our applications include fungicide and insecticide in the winter and nourish your trees and shrubs in the spring. When summer comes around, we help fend off hot weather pests in the summer. Your trees will be fully prepared for all seasons.

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Senske Services offers precise, accurate estimates for all services, as well as in-depth consultations to let you know how we can serve you best. Call us today at (208) 523-5296 and learn more about our Senske Idaho Falls Services.

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