Tree Trimming and Pruning Service in Kennewick, WA


Your yard should be your sanctuary. Senske is dedicated to maintaining your property and make it the best that it can be. Tree trimming is one of the many services we offer in Kennewick, WA. Tree trimming and tree pruning are one of the many ways Senske can make your yard a more pleasant place to be. Tree trimming also gives you peace of mind that no heavy branches will fall while the kids are outside. Tree trimming makes your trees safer and healthier. If you are looking to improve the health and safety of your yard, professional tree trimming could be right for you.


Why Senske Tree Care in Kennewick, WA?

Time is a precious commodity. When it comes to caring for your property, Senske is here to help you invest your time in more important things. Of course, being an expert tree care company, you can know that your property is in good hands. Senske’s ISA certified arborists are trained to care for every aspect of your trees. No matter the issue, Senske ISA certified arborists will work with you to find the answer. Senske’s ISA certified arborists are familiar with a wide variety of trees, including tree species that are found in the Kennewick area. Senske’s team of certified arborists will evaluate what your property needs and clean up remaining debris when finished. They will leave your property in great shape and you won’t have to lift a finger.

  Tree trimming offers three main benefits: 

Tree Health -

Tree trimming and pruning eliminates dead and diseased branches from the tree, that could otherwise prevent new, healthy growth from happening. Reducing dead wood greatly improves the appearance of your trees and lets the sun shine through.

Beauty -

Trees that are trimmed regularly will improve the appearance of your property, long-term. Tree trimming will thin out branches. Arborists can prune a tree so it is more symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. They may also trim low-hanging branches in order to make more space below the tree. Tree trimming will prolong a tree's lifespan and encourage it to look its best.

Safety -

Besides improving the health and beauty of the tree, tree trimming can improve the safety of those around it. When branches die or are diseased, the weaken, which leaves them at greater risk of breaking off. Weak branches left to themselves pose a great hazard to those near by. The heavier the branch, the greater risk of serious injury may occur. Tree trimming is the best way to prevent an accident from happening.


Do You Need Tree Removal Service?

Are you looking for tree removal services rather than tree trimming or pruning services? You may want to consider tree removal services if your trees have become a nuisance or a danger. Trees that continually drop cones, branches, leaves, fruit, or other objects might be causing you more trouble than they are worth. If you have dead trees on your property, it may be enough that they are unpleasant to look at. However, dead trees can be a dangerous fire hazard, or may fall during a storm. This is a risk you do not want to take. In this case, dead or diseased trees are much better off removed. If this situation applies to you, you might want to consider tree removal service instead. Let a Senske professional remove hazards in your yard.
There is no need to put off having your tree removed. Our ISA certified arborists will take care of your tree problem quickly and safely. To learn more about Senske’s tree removal service, contact us today.


ISA Certified Arborists

At Senske, we employ ISA certified arborists. A certified arborist is an individual trained in the science and art of planting and maintaining trees. From pines to oak, fruit trees, and more, certified arborists are experts in every part of planting and raising trees. Senske’s certified arborists can act as consultants for the care of your trees. They are also proficient in services such as tree trimming or pruning.  Senske’s ISA certified arborists will always know what to do to take care of your trees.
Senske’s arborists are certified by the ISA, or International Society of Arboriculture. The ISA is the leading authority on all things tree. Naturally, the ISA has the highest standards in the industry. Only the top arborists are able to pass ISA exams become a certified arborist. The next time you see the ISA seal of approval, you can count on expert tree service.


Trimming Trees in Kennewick, WA


Senske’s tree trimming service requires several steps. The first thing our ISA certified arborists will do, is first evaluate what must be done in order to refine your trees. In this process, they will be able to spot warning signs of your trees’ health. After evaluation, our ISA certified arborists will clear dead branches and trim, or elevate low hanging branches to create more room around the trunk. According to your request, they  may also decrease the height and size of your trees.

Senske will never practice the harmful method of pruning called “topping”. Topping is recognized widely as damaging to trees and is counter-productive. Topping is the cutting of limbs and branches in an incorrect fashion. This style of trimming causes a great deal of stress to the tree. In reaction to topping, the tree may create weak, emergency shoots that take away from potentially healthy growth. Topping may permanently damage a tree, deform it, or even kill it. ISA certified arborists from Senske will always trim your trees in expert approved methods that contribute to the lasting health of your trees.

Trimming and Pruning Different Tree Species in Kennewick, WA

No matter what kinds of trees you own, Senske’s ISA certified arborists are experienced in all forms of trees. Common trees, such as pines, oaks, and fruit trees are familiar, but more exotic trees are no problem. Typically, Senske recommends pruning trees in the winter. Trees are usually dormant during cold months. Because trees will pause growing, this is the best time to trim branches so that they will be stronger for the next growing season.
Fruit trees should be pruned so that fruit-bearing branches will get substantial sunlight. Certified arborists will thin branches so that fruit gets more light without leaving the tree exposed to winter cold. Once flowers begin to fade, it is the best time to prune. If fruit trees are not pruned within the recommended time frame, it may leave them vulnerable to disease. The best time to prune plum trees is mid-summer to avoid infection from silver leaf disease. Apple trees, on the other hand, should be pruned in spring or summer to avoid a common disease called fireblight. It is important to prune fruit trees for a bountiful harvest and to promote good health for seasons to come.
Like fruit trees, oak trees should be trimmed at certain times. The best time to trim oak trees is before April and after October. If trimmed outside of this time frame, the oak tree may develop wilting oak disease.
While pine trees are not nearly as sensitive as other types of trees, the optimal time to trim a pine is winter or spring. Aspens and pines are dormant in winter, making it the most opportune time. Any diseased or damaged branches should be removed as soon as possible in order to prevent infectious diseases.

Serving the Kennewick, WA Area

Kennewick, WA has a wide variety of native tree species each with their own unique characteristics. Common trees in the Kennewick area are: Ponderosa Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Western White Pine, Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Quaking Aspen, Netleaf Hackberry, Water Birch, Black Cottonwood, and Oregon White Oak. Senske’s ISA certified arborists are familiar with these species and many more.
Are you looking for tree trimming services in Kennewick, WA or elsewhere? Senske offers services in: Connell, Benton City, Dayton, West Richland, Richland, Pasco, Prosser, Walla Walla, Touchet, Dixie, College Place, Eltopia and Burbank; plus Milton-Freewater and Hermiston OR.
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How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost? 

To provide you with the most accurate estimate, our certified arborists need to know how how many trees need trimming, what size are the trees, what condition of health the trees are in, and the history of their health. Provided this information, Senske offers you a 100% free estimate of how much tree trimming will cost.
If you are looking for a tree trimming service in Kennewick, WA from ISA certified arborists, contact Senske today for a free estimate!