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Residential Pest Control in Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas, NV is full of adventure, but we don't want bugs and pests to add to your adventures and make your home uncomfortable to live in. Who wants to be kept up at night listening to little scratches in the floor and walls of your house? Pests can even be dangerous, such as spiders and scorpions, which are venomous.

Has your property been invaded by pests? Senske is dedicated to removing creepy crawlies and unwanted house guests quickly and efficiently. Senske pest exterminators offers both residential pest control and commercial pest control in the Las Vegas area, including  Call Senske at (702) 251-5559 or request a free estimate.

"Sabi is a great technician and very helpful. There is nothing more he could do to satisfy our needs. We were having problems with roaches and spiders and he saw we also had black widows and took care of that as well."Don & Kathy C, Las Vegas

Commercial Pest Control

Pest problems are one of the worst ways to make an impression on your customers. Messy pigeons and invasive ants are sure to send the wrong message. Senske is here to provide your business commercial pest control services in the Las Vegas area. Request a free estimate or call (702) 251-5559.

Licensed Las Vegas Exterminators: Hire an Expert to Get the Job Done

With many different kinds of pests, in Vegas, Spring Valley, and Paradise, NV each case has a unique plan of action that our trained and licensed exterminator technicians are experienced in implementing. We offer reliable pest control and great customer service. You can rest easy since we use only safe pest control products. With state and federally approved solutions, our Las Vegas pest control service is kid and pet-friendly.

Las Vegas Pest Control Services: What to Expect

senske-promise.jpgWe offer a custom plan for each of our customers, providing 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This is the Senske Promise! Starting off, we do a thorough evaluation of the inside and outside of your property. After establishing the trouble area, an exterminator will spray the house or building outside, while keeping the landscaping intact. The inside can be sprayed as well upon request. Moving forward, we will set up a bi-monthly schedule to ensure pests don’t return.

Pest Control Rates

When it comes down to what exterminators cost, there are a few factors to consider:

  • The size of the problem area, as well as the access to that area.
  • Costs will differ with the particular type and quantity of the pest at hand.
  • Prices are determined based on the frequency of pest management and inspection services as well.
  • Call Senske at (702) 251-5559 or request a free estimate now!

    Most Common Las Vegas Pests



    Being the most feared and unwelcome of all the pests, spider extermination is a must. Our spider control services can protect your guests and loved ones from possibly harmful situations.

    Black Widows: With the possibility of 4-9 egg sacs a year (each containing up to 750 eggs) in their strong and sticky web, black widow extermination is of high importance. The bite of a black widow is venomous and could be fatal. Females are hauntingly noticeable with their red hour glass bellies. They love settling in trash or debris piles while feeding on insects. Making sure your property is free from these piles is the first step to spider control.

    Wolf Spiders: These spiders are commonly mistaken for brown recluse spiders, which do not reside in Las Vegas. Wolf spiders can have up to 5” long legs with 1” long bodies. They are known to be aggressive, with an instinct to hunt, and they have a venomous bite (although they aren’t fatal). It is best to bring in an exterminator for spider control services if these are seen around your property.



    With a stinger on their tail, these pests can look intimidating and they can be quite dangerous. We offer scorpion control services in Las Vegas, give us a call if these are around your area!

    Arizona Bark Scorpion: This is a pest not to be messed with! They are small (2” long at the most), aggressive, great at climbing, and extremely venomous. Be proactive in scorpion control around your property by cleaning up debris and keeping an eye out around rocks and wood. Our Las Vegas pest control services can eliminate this pest from your property.



    They are tiny pests but can be a huge nuisance. Are you having a problem getting rid of ants? Our Las Vegas ant control services are here for you.

    Rover Ant: Although this pest has no sting and won’t do any structural damage, they are a true nuisance! Reproducing through their queen in Spring and Summer, they could be everywhere in no time. Contact us to get our ant control services and get the upper hand on these pests!

    Pavement Ant: Keep an eye on your food! These ants feed on sugar and are great climbers. They also produce 12-20 eggs per year. Our preventative pest control services in Las Vegas can make sure they aren’t a problem on your property.

    Odorous House Ant: They live up to their name, smelling of rotten coconut when they are crushed! We highly recommend hiring our ant exterminators because, although these pests don’t bite or sting, they are very persistent and can invade your home!

    Argentine Ant: These mounding ants feed on protein and are aggressive towards other species. They can produce up to 200,000 eggs per colony and are quite the nuisance. Request our ant control services to do away with them for good.

    Pharaoh Ant: Similar to the odorous ant (not in smell) these ants feed off of sugar. They have satellite colonies, with multiple queens that any property owner would want to be rid of. Our Las Vegas pest control services takes the time to be sure all of their “homes” are gone!

    Red Fire Ants: Stepping in one of their mounds, these ants can be aggressive. These pests are not afraid of people and have painful stings. They can be easily taken care of by our ant exterminators if you notice them around.

    Bees and Wasps


    The sound of a bee’s hum can make people feel uneasy. Hiring our exterminators to remove and maintain bee and wasp control will keep your guests or customers feeling safe and comfortable.

    Killer Bees (Africanized Honey Bee): Having 10 times the impulse to sting than regular honey bees do, their attacks are longer and there is usually a lot more of them. They are very dangerous and can live in the ground, trees, or even in the walls! Call for a professional exterminator to remove bees safely and set up scheduled bee control services. Also, if there is a hive on your property, don’t go near it even if it seems to be empty. To avoid a potentially hazardous situation, let us know when you need our bee hive removal service done.

    Wasps: Unlike bees, wasps actually coordinate attacks and sting repetitively. A hidden live wasp nest can be an unexpected surprise to people on or around your property. It is recommended to keep watch for wasps building their nests. Our Las Vegas exterminators can more than handle wasp treatment and removal, call us to prevent this pest from becoming a problem on your property.



    Having roaches scurrying around your property and in your home is a gross problem to have. Our roach exterminators know how to remove these pests out of your life completely.

    American Cockroach: This common cockroach can carry and transmit diseases. They love sewer lines and dark spaces. Our Las Vegas pest control services handle roach removal and can make sure they won’t come back.

    German Cockroach: These roaches can be found in kitchens and bathrooms. Just as the American cockroach, they can carry and transmit diseases. Our cockroach exterminators can remove these pests and offer guaranteed roach control.

    Oriental Cockroach: In trash, filth, and material outside are where you might spot one of these cockroaches. They have a bit of a musty smell to them that can be quite noticeable. Even though they are outside, they have been known to crawl pipes and show up in bathrooms! We can get a roach exterminator to your property and get rid of this nasty pest problem!



    These small creatures creep into your home unseen and leave behind disgusting messes. Let us provide mice and rat control to keep your home rodent free.

    Roof Rats: Being excellent climbers, roof rats can be found in trees, attics, and woodpiles. With our Las Vegas rat extermination services, we can ensure rat pest control in your home or business.

    Mice: Hanging out in garages, sheds, and homes, they leave signs of their presence through your food they’ve eaten and the feces left. Rodent control from a rat exterminator is much less stress than trying to remove them on your own, let us handle it!



    There are many different types of insects. Each bug can affect you and your family in different wants. Let our Las Vegas insect exterminators remove all your bugs!

    Centipede: With of growing up to 10” long and having many legs, this pest is great at climbing and is a gross surprise to come across. Although they are normally not aggressive, some can be venomous (but not fatal). If they are a problem on your property, we can send our insect exterminators to you for outdoor and in-home insect control.

    Earwig: They aren’t venomous but can still be a nuisance by ruining seedlings and flowers. Found under rocks, wood, and debris these pests love moisture. With our Las Vegas pest control services we can take care of your outdoor insect control needs.

    Camel Cricket: Producing in large numbers, camel crickets can cause damage to organic material on your property. What we provide with our pest control in Las Vegas provides insect control so they never come back.

    Silverfish: These pests are climbers and they feed on glue. They can be found in the dry areas of your home. If they are a problem, our bug exterminators can spray your home inside and keep up insect control maintenance bi-monthly.

    Termites: Although not common, if by chance these pests made it onto your property they can cause a lot of damage. They feed off of wood and are capable of destroying furniture, shelves, and homes little by little. Let us know right away if you see an issue and our bug exterminators will eliminate these pests.



    They leave a big mess to clean up including nesting materials, feces, and debris. Our Las Vegas pigeon control and removal services can reach the high places to clean up what they’ve left behind as well as install scare devices to get rid of pigeons for good.

    Bed Bugs


    Coming in your home unnoticed through luggage, clothes, or other material, these bugs come out at night to bite! It is meticulous, hard work to get rid of bed bugs and our bug exterminators can get the job done. We offer bed bug treatment and removal with our Las Vegas bed bug pest control services. Call us to learn more about bed bug elimination in your home or hotel.


    Let Senske Pest Control technicians take care of your pest problems so you can go out and enjoy everything Las Vegas has to offer.

    Senske Services
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    Let us help in preventing and protecting your property from any kind of pest, giving you peace of mind year round. We guarantee satisfaction with bi-monthly service and offer unlimited on-site service calls. Call Senske at (702) 251-5559 or request a free estimate.



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