Las Vegas Ant Control: Exterminating the Masses

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If they weren’t such a nuisance, the way ants work together as a colony would be nothing short of inspiring. The worker ants go out to scout for food and leave a scented trail for the rest of the ants to follow. The ants carry up to twenty times their weight in food back to the colony and their queen.

To spray the visible pests with a household ant killer is often only taking care of 10-12% of the ant problem. Their nests can go as deep as six feet underground where the queen stays to keep reproducing. Having a small ant problem can quickly develop into a greater ant infestation issue. You will need help from a professional that will take the time to fully establish ant control on your property.

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Protect Your Home or Business from Ants

Protecting your family home or commercial business is our top priority. The seriousness of an ant infestation is more than just not wanting to see lines of ants marching together and making your company or customers uncomfortable. Ants can damage your property, bite, and leave their remains in food. Our Las Vegas ant control services go beyond just spraying around your property. Our licensed and trained ant exterminators spend time evaluating the level of ant infestation and create a custom ant prevention plan to solve your specific problem.

How to Get Rid of Ants: Our Process

Our Las Vegas ant exterminators will devise a custom strategy to get rid of ants based on your property size and the scope of your problem. To ensure your ant problem doesn’t return, we recommend a bi-monthly treatment program, which is our best value.

With the safety of your children, pets, and customers in mind, we use federal and state approved solutions to apply around your house or business (and inside if need be).

At Senske Las Vegas Pest Control, we give our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s a promise, or we’ll return at no cost!

Senske Customer Review

“Not seeing any bugs is great! I would recommend Senske because you do your job and I don't have any more bugs.”Michelle L, Las Vegas 5 Star Rating 5of 5

Las Vegas Ant Control Rates

It’s reasonable! Our ant exterminator costs depend on the size of your home or business, the extent of the ant problem, and the frequency of our ant control services. We will locate their colonies and can set a bi-monthly schedule to eliminate any chance of future ant infestation problems. Call Senske at (702) 251-5559 or request a free estimate.

Las Vegas Ant Species

Rover Ant

rover-ant.jpgThese tiny ants have no sting and most likely won’t damage anything, so they are mostly just annoying - especially in large quantities! Rover ant control can be hard since they like to hide out in moist, warm places. They can show up all year around so call us for our rover ant extermination services if there is a sighting!

Odorous House Ant

odorous-house-ant.jpgAs their name suggests, odorous house ants give off a bit of a stench! They are also known for their numbers and their persistence. If you happen to crush some dark brown or black ants and smell something like rotten coconuts, it’s time for our odorous house ant extermination services. This ant problem can get out of hand very quickly, so odorous house ant control needs to happen as soon as possible. They are extremely invasive!

Pavement Ant

pavement-antBe sure to keep treats closed up because pavement ants search out sugar! If you notice ants climbing about in the daytime, you may need pavement ant control. Although they only lay 12- 20 eggs a year, they can live up to three years. If you want to enjoy your sweets in peace, contact us today. We will send our Las Vegas pavement ant extermination services to you.

Argentine Ant

argentine-ant.jpgArgentine ant control is a must since these 1/4” ants can produce up to 200,000 eggs per colony! They are known to be aggressive towards other species and can bite if they feel threatened. We are experienced in Las Vegas argentine ant extermination, which can be quite extensive depending on how many colonies there are, so give us a call!

Pharaoh Ant

pharaoh-antSince they have many queens and satellite colonies, pharaoh ant extermination is a tedious process. They are sugar feeders and can be as invasive in your home as the odorous house ant. Our pharaoh ant control technicians know just what it takes to get rid of these ants and ensure they won’t be back.


Red Fire Ant

red-fire-antIt’s easy to recognize the fire ant, not just because of their red bodies, but their awful sting! These ants bring on many problems, from pets stepping in their mounds to their mounds ruining the roots of your garden or crops. This can be a pricey problem so get ahead of their plans with our red fire ant control services. They are known to be very aggressive and, just as every other ant, are prevalent all year around. Hiring our Las Vegas red fire ant extermination services is the only way to be sure they won’t reappear.