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Spiders: The Wrong Kind of Guest

Have you ever walked up to a house or business and cringed at the sight of spider webs? The chance of a spider emerging from the shadows can be quite unsettling. If it’s your business, the last thing you want is your customers to feel uncomfortable because of a pest problem.

If you have a spider issue around your home or business, let us get rid of these unwelcome visitors! Our Las Vegas spider control service can help with prevention and removal. In turn, your home or business will be safe and more welcoming for your actual house guests or customers. You may also breathe easy knowing you are safe from poisonous bites from these dangerous pests.

Here at Senske Services, we take the safety of your home and business seriously. Our Las Vegas spider exterminators are experienced professionals that put in the time to analyze your specific needs, set up a plan, and implement it. Call Senske at (702) 251-5559 or request a free estimate.

How To Get Rid of Spiders: Our Process

Upon arriving at your home, our Las Vegas pest control experts will evaluate the whole property and offer a custom plan based on your specific needs. Our exterminators will treat the outside with state and federally approved solutions that are safe for children and pets. We will also treat the inside upon request. We recommend setting up a bi-monthly spider control schedule to ensure that your property stays safe from potential spider bites.

Our Las Vegas spider control services are 100% guaranteed to get rid of spiders. It’s our Senske promise to make sure you are completely satisfied. If you do not see results, we come back at no cost!

Senske Customer Review

“Scott is such a professional and perfect gentleman, that I find it difficult to determine what else he could do better. I’m thrilled with the quality of work and prompt response when I had a bug problem in my pantry from a bag of beans.”Norma R, Las Vegas

Las Vegas Spider Control Rates

Properties can vary greatly in size, and spider control issues can also vary based on the size and location of the problem. Both of these factors and the frequency of our services will determine your actual spider extermination cost. We will provide you with a custom quote based on your specific spider problem.

Call Senske at (702) 251-5559 or request a free estimate.

How to Identify Black Widow Spider

black-widow-spider.jpgThe infamous female displays a red hourglass mark on her abdomen and can grow as much as 1.5 inches long. Males are smaller, not as dark, and sometimes have yellow markings. One venomous bite from these spiders can leave someone feeling nauseous with muscle aches, paralysis, and there is a chance of the bite being fatal. Their tangled webs are strong and hold their eggs that are white/brownish in color. Black widows can be found mostly in early summer or late fall and can lay up to 9 egg sacs a year - each containing about 750 eggs!

Black Widow Extermination

It’s best to not get close if you suspect these dangerous arachnids on your property since they bite when they feel threatened. Our Las Vegas spider control technicians can confirm the type of spider and give a free estimate for black widow extermination. We will take care of the dirty work, keeping you and your loved ones or customers safe in the process.

How to Identify Wolf Spider

wolf-spider.jpgWolf spiders are not your typical arachnid. They don’t have webs. They like open spaces to hunt. They are known for being fast and aggressive, which means they are more likely to bite! Looking at them can make anyone wince, with their hairy brown bodies that can grow up to two inches in length. Be careful around leaves and wood piles, where they are known to hang around. Their bite is venomous and painful, but not normally fatal.

Wolf Spider Extermination

If you are looking for brown recluse spider extermination in Las Vegas, you might actually be looking for wolf spider extermination. It is common to mistake them as a brown recluse, which doesn’t reside in Las Vegas so let us help with spider identification. If you notice these creepy crawlies around your house (especially around early summer to late fall), give us a call! Our Las Vegas spider extermination services will solve the problem, guaranteed!