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Nothing is more uncomfortable than finding out pests have invaded your house or business. Whether it’s a beehive in your chimney, cockroaches behind your refrigerator or mice in your pantry, pests are disturbing and can carry diseases.

It’s especially worrisome if you have children or pets. When you encounter pests in or around your house, use Senske as your Salt Lake City exterminator. Call us at (801) 565-1000 or request a free estimate for pest control services.

Senske is a family-owned company. We have been in business since 1947 and pride ourselves on our history and the dependable service we provide to our community in Salt Lake City. Our technicians work hard to deliver the best pest control and removal services in the Salt Lake City area.

Senske PromiseOur goal is to provide our customers with high-quality pest control and customer service. We give our customers our Senske promise, which guarantees 100% satisfaction for all services provided. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the work we do, we’ll come back and do it again- free of charge! That’s the Senske Promise.

Our pest control service technicians are trained in pest prevention, control, and removal. We understand that finding pests in your home is nerve-racking. A large part of pest removal is the sense of safety you feel knowing the job was done and done well. As your Salt Lake City exterminator, we will clearly and effectively communicate with you about the level of pest invasion, the options for removal, and the step-by-step process we take in eliminating pests from your house.

" Serviceman went into the crawl space under my porch to spray for pests. Professional, thorough and friendly service."  Skye K, Salt Lake City

The safety of your family, your children, your pets and your customers are always on our minds. Senske only uses pest ​control methods that are state and federally-approved. Not only is our pest control safe, it’s effective. Count on Senske for all of your pest problems, including

  • spiders
  • ants
  • bees and wasps
  • rodents
  • insects
  • cockroaches
  • birds
  • bedbugs
  • termites

Spider Control in Salt Lake City

One of the scariest pests to find inside of your house are spiders. Spiders are not only scary-looking but also can be dangerous. There are four main types of spiders in the Salt Lake City region:

  • wolf spiders
  • black widows
  • funnel-web spiders
  • orb-weaving spiders

Wolf Spider

Wolf SpiderWolf spiders are brown and fuzzy. They have eight eyes, which allow them to have extremely good sight. Wolf spiders are known for being especially creepy looking because of how they carry their babies- on their back. However, wolf spiders aren’t harmful. A wolf spider bite feels like a poke and might cause redness and swelling for a short time.

Black Widow

Black WidowBlack widows are completely black with a bright red mark on their abdomen. Although black widows are extremely venomous, especially the females, their bite is rarely ever fatal. Black widows are hardly ever found inside of houses, as they prefer to be outside.

If you come across a black widow in your front or backyard, it’s important to call a professional spider removal company. Don’t try to remove the black widow by yourself.

Use Senske as your Salt Lake City spider control expert. Call Senske at (801) 565-1000 or request a free estimate to rid your house of creepy crawlers!

Funnel-Web Spider

Hobo SpiderFunnel-web spiders are known for their webs, shaped like funnels. One of the more worrisome funnel-web spiders is the hobo spider.

The hobo spider is the spider most likely to cause you trouble. It likes to reside inside houses and hide in between boxes, sheets, and other small and dark places. Hobo spiders cannot crawl up walls well; you'll usually find hobos running across the floor at night or in the corners of your walls.

The female hobo is especially poisonous. Her bite has the potential to be deadly and can cause necrosis to the skin.

A hobo spider can deliver one of two kinds of bites: wet or dry. A wet bite is when the hobo releases venom into its victim and a dry bite is when the hobo doesn’t release venom into its victim. You can generally tell whether a hobo bite was venomous or non-venomous by the symptoms you produce. If the bite is mildly irritating, red and swollen, the bite is most-likely dry. If the bite is severe and turns black or blisters, venom was released into your body. This can be extremely dangerous.

Orb-Weaving Spider

Orb Weaving SpiderOrb-weaving spiders are not poisonous and hardly ever bite humans. They’re usually found outside on pieces of wood or in gardens and they create large, round spider webs to catch prey.

A common type of orb-weaving spider is called the cat-faced spider. It’s light brown and translucent, with a black streak on its underside. It has a large abdomen and small head. It’s called a cat-faced spider because its abdomen resembles a cat’s face.

Salt Lake City Ant Control

Finding ants in your house is irritating and disturbing. They are quick to arrive but slow to leave. Just when you think you’ve gotten rid of them, another train of ants reappears. The most common types of ants in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas are:

  • fire ants
  • black ants
  • Argentine ants

Fire Ants

Fire AntsFire ants are red with black ends. They create large nests inside house walls and outside lawns and trees. Their nests can be extremely damaging to both your house and your property. Besides being a nuisance, fire ants have stingers and will sting if they feel threatened.

Black Ants

Black AntsBlack ants are tiny ants and have black bodies. They are extremely hard to control because of their size and their capability to rapidly reproduce. They are attracted to sugar, so you’ll most likely find these pests in the kitchen or areas where food has been eaten.

If you find black ants in your house, it’s important to keep food out of your bed, as they will follow food trails anywhere.

Argentine Ants

Argentine AntArgentine ants are sugar and grease- eaters. They are larger than black ants and have brown-colored bodies. Although Argentine ants are not dangerous, they are pesky and can be a headache to eliminate.

Senske specializes in Salt Lake City ant control. Whatever the kind of ant invasion, call on Senske at (801) 565-1000 or request a free estimate for ant extermination in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Rodent Control

Rodent ControlLiving in a beautiful city doesn’t mean we get to avoid rodents and other pests. Just like all cities, mice and rats try to make their way into our living spaces. Mice and rats are attracted to food. Mice, or mice remnants, can typically be found inside of pantries or small crevices in your kitchen. Rats are more often found in garages or around outside garbage.

Mice and rats can carry diseases. If you come across them in or around your house, do not pick them up. It’s best to call a professional rodent removal company. A professional Salt Lake City rodent control company can quickly and quietly rid your house of rodents. Use Senske as your rodent exterminator in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

Insect Control in Salt Lake City

Termite InfestationInsects come in all shapes and sizes. They are unnerving to find inside of your house, especially if they are dangerous. Fleas and cockroaches carry diseases, pantry moths ruin food and clothing, termites can ruin the structure of your house, and aphids can destroy your plants. Bees and wasps pose a threat to children and pets playing in your front and backyard and bed bugs can destroy your furniture and remain a constant ‘pest’ until eliminated.

The most common Salt Lake City pests that you’ll find inside of your house include:

  • cockroaches
  • aphids
  • silverfish
  • pantry moths
  • fleas
  • crickets
  • bed bugs
  • termites
  • bees & wasps

Senske is experienced in insect control in Salt Lake City. We provide Salt Lake City with cockroach control, bed bug removal, and termite extermination. Call Senske at (801) 565-1000 or request a free estimate to be your termite exterminator and insect remover!

Salt Lake City Bird control

Pigeon ControlPigeons, and other birds, inconveniently land and nest on tops of houses and buildings. In the case of pigeons, when one bird finds a suitable place to land, a flock shortly follows. Once pigeons have chosen your house or building as their new residence, it’s hard to get rid of them without using the help of a professional Salt Lake City bird control service.

Pigeons are destructive to houses and buildings because of their nests and their fecal matter. Their droppings can carry diseases which can be transferred through the air.

The last thing anyone wants in their place of residence is to be bombarded with pigeon poop every time they step outside of their front door. Senske provides bird removal in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Call us at (801) 565-1000 or request a free estimate to talk about the many different methods we offer for bird removal.

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