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shrub-and-tree-service.jpgTrees and shrubs add charm and elegance to yards. Besides the aesthetic value they add to lawns, they’re extremely beneficial for the ecosystem. They increase the health of lawn soil, they provide habitats for birds, they absorb pollutants and create clean oxygen. Call today (206) 362-9100

The only downside to trees is the maintenance they require and the amount of attention they need in order to thrive. Trees and shrubs are prone to disease and seasonal devastation.

The afflictions that trees face can be troubling to novice tree-owners. Tree diseases can be extremely hard to identify, especially when trying to determine the cause of a dying tree. Between pests, diseases, seasonal affiliations and fungi, it’s ​frequently a mystery why one of your trees is dying ​while the tree next to it is flourishing.

Senske PromiseOur professional tree care services include year-around protection from insects and disease, and bird repellent services. Our certified arborists will keep your shrubs and trees healthy and beautiful, so you can enjoy your trees and shrubs without worrying about their health. If you’re looking for the best tree service in Seattle, call us at (206) 362-9100 or request a free estimate and get more information about tree diseases from a certified arborist.

Our customers have been happy with the professional tree service and shrub care that we provide.

"This service provided by your employees is always top notch!  They both are tuned in to what we want as customers.  Shane arrives with a smile and great attitude.  He always takes time to listen to my questions and takes care when spraying our vast array of shrubs, Trees and others.  We appreciate how professional both Shane and Eric are.  They treat us and our property with respect and care and again very professional and responsive to questions or concerns.  Please recognize them both for a job well done.  Their service is outstanding, a reflection of what kind of service your company providers.  We are very happy customers.  Thank You!" –​John

Common Shrub & Tree Diseases in King County

Brown RotBrown Rot

Brown rot is a fungus that attacks trees between the months of March and June. A symptom of brown rot is fruit or blossoms that look shriveled. Produce affected by brown rot are known as ‘shriveled mummies’.

Apple Scab

Apple Scab, a common tree disease, creates dark blotches on the fruit and leaves of apple trees. Both the size and quality of fruit are compromised because of this fungus. This disease is prevalent during the spring months and can be avoided by spraying trees during this same season.


Anthracnose is a term given to a wide range of tree diseases that have an affect on the leaves, twigs and fruit. This disease generally infects deciduous trees, but some shrubs, fruit, vegetables and turfgrass can also be affected by it.

Common Shrub & Tree Pests in the Puget Sound Region

Fruit WormFruit Worm

Worms love fruit; if you don’t protect your trees, worms will inevitably be inside of the fruit that your trees have bore. There are many different types of fruit worms: apple maggot, cherry fruit worm, codling moth. Each type of fruit tree requires a specific spraying schedule.

Cherry Bark Tortrix

The arrival of cherry bark tortrix is fairly new in the Pacific Northwest. It’s afflicted trees in Europe and Siberia for many years, but was first seen in trees in Washington State in 1989.

The cherry bark moth starts out as a caterpillar and turns into a brightly-colored moth. In the larvae stage, this insect builds tunnels in the bark and creates external reddish-orange cocoons. It damages tree bark by feeding off of nutrients that would be going to the tree and by introducing other insects that feed off of the cherry bark tortrix.

Root Weevil

Root weevils are troublesome for many different shrubs, especially broadleaf evergreens, including house plants, strawberry plants, rhododendrons and azaleas. Root weevils are most destructive in their larval stage because they feed on roots. However, adult root weevils can also be destructive by feeding off of the plant’s leaves.

Lace Bug

There are more than 160 identified types of lace bugs in North America. Although Azalea lace bugs weren’t a large problem until 2012, they’re now widespread in the Seattle area. They feed off of the foliage of shrubs and trees, by sucking the sap out of them. They leave trees and shrubs looking discolored.


There are different types of mites that feed on trees. The most affected tree by mites is the maple tree. Eriophyid mites live in the bark of maple trees and feed off of its leaves. Spider mites also feed off of the foliage of maple trees. They are able to suck the nutrients out of leaves with their piercing mouths, causing most aesthetic damage to the tree.

Tent Caterpillars

Six out of twenty-six species of tent caterpillars affect North American trees. Tent caterpillar are the larvae of moths and they cause deforestation in multiple types of trees.

Shrub Care & Tree Services Offered

Shrub Insect InfestationWhen you use our tree services in Seattle, you get to choose between different tree service plans, or you can build your own custom shrub and tree service. We offer multiple options for your tree and shrub care, so choose the service that’s just right for you and your yard.

Because safety and environmental concerns are of the utmost importance to our customers, we offer traditional and organic tree care. Whether you decide to sign-up for our traditional or organic tree care, you’ll receive:

  • Seasonal sprays to protect trees and shrubs against diseases, insects and birds.
  • Soil bed fertilization containing organic fish and sea kelp.

Slug and Snail Control

Slug ControlUnfortunately snails and slugs are part of life in the Northwest United States. Seattle lawns and gardens are oftentimes filled with snails and slugs. For such slow-moving pests, it’s incredible how much damage they can cause to gardens and how much irritation they can cause to gardeners. For Seattle pest solutions and pest management involving slugs and snails, call Senske shrub & tree care.


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