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You don’t become the preferred lawn care and pest control provider overnight. It takes years, 67 years to be exact, in order to become a house-hold name that is recognized by homeowners, commercial businesses and public properties in the Spokane area.

Some customers initially learned about us when they needed professional pest control services. Others learned about us through friends, who couldn't stop talking about how good their lawn looks—since we were hired. Whether you need seasonal or year-round landscape maintenance, tree service, preventative weed and disease control or lawn care, we suggest you, too, check us out.

Senske Services in Spokane, WA

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Lawn Care Services in Spokane, WA

Lawn Care Services in Spokane, WA

Looking for lawn care services in the Spokane area?

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A yard should be a place where you are able to relax with family, throw barbecues for friends, and enjoy the feeling of green grass under your toes. If you own a business, landscaping is often the first thing customers notice before they enter your property. The last thing you want to do in your free time is pull weeds and fertilize brown spots. Life is too short to stress about yard maintenance, let us take that burden from you! Call Senske Services at (509) 535-3591 or request a free estimate for lawn care in Spokane.

Yard Maintenance in Spokane Can Be Challenging

Eastern Washington’s soil can include a mixture of sand, clay, loam, and river or Basalt rock. These types of soils can be barriers to maintaining a healthy, green yard. It’s a continuous challenge to prevent Spokane lawns from being taken over by weedy grasses. Bermuda can overwhelm a lawn when it’s not controlled. Lawn insects or bugs like billbugs and grubs can become an issue. Weeds like dandelions, clover, oxalis, surge, crabgrass and chickweed are strategic in finding places to hide.

Before you know it, lawn insects and weeds have invaded your pristine landscape and turned it into a homeowner's nightmare. Maintaining a manicured yard in the Spokane valley area doesn’t have to be a thorn in your side. Call Senske Services at (509) 535-3591 or request a free estimate to provide high quality Spokane lawn care services for your home or commercial property.

Our ​Spokane lawn care services include:

Lawn care prices starting as low as $46.95 per treatment.

Sprinkler Repair Services in Spokane, WA

Sprinkler Repair Services in Spokane, WA

Looking for sprinkler repair services in the Spokane area?

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Good news. Besides providing excellent lawn care, we also help Spokane residents and businesses with sprinkler repair and maintenance including sprinkler blowout in the fall. Call today (509) 535-3591

Our trained and experienced technicians look for efficiencies, which you will welcome. They will first make sure that you’re watering at the right time of day and watering the right amount in order to keep your lawn and landscaping healthy and thriving. They will also make sure that all your sprinklers are working—and working correctly. Plus, they can also ensure that you’re not wasting money and raising your water utility bill unintentionally due to a leak in your irrigation system.

Winterizing Sprinkler System

Our professional technicians will also come out for winterizing sprinkler system for you and restarting system in the spring. All you have to do is get on our schedule now. This way your pipes will be protected throughout winter, and your system will be up-and-running in time for the first buds.

Benefit of Senske for Sprinkler Repair

Senske understands having a property look good and well cared for is important to you. Take advantage of our expertise to properly diagnose problems, deliver sprinkler repair, and provide the guidance regarding irrigation system upgrades. 

Our Spokane sprinkler repair service includes:

Sprinkler blowouts starting as low as $69.95 and start-ups starting as low as $59.95.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Spokane, WA

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Spokane, WA

Looking for grounds maintenance services in the Spokane area?

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Projecting the right image for your business is as important as delivering a great product or service. Clean and professional grounds can instill a greater sense of confidence for your customers and prospects. So ask yourself, “Is your commercial property projecting the image you want?” If not, let us help. Call us today (509) 535-3591.

The name, Senske, is well-known by Spokane businesses and public sector communities for commercial landscape maintenance. They count on us for mowing, irrigation services, tree care—and weed, trash and snow and ice removal. Many business owners also look to us for safe and effective commercial pest control.

Why Senske for Landscaping Maintenance?

There are several reasons to use us for your commercial landscape maintenance. One is that our technicians are highly trained and state-certified. Two, is that they’re extremely reliable. Some HOAs and city/county parks appreciate the fact that our landscape maintenance services also accommodate upgrades and playground structural repair—bringing even greater convenience.

Our commercial landscape maintenance services include:

Pest Control Service in Spokane, WA

Pest Control Service in Spokane, WA

Looking for pest control services in the Spokane area?

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Finding out pests have invaded your home or business is a huge drag. A pest invasion can cause you stress and embarrassment, it can be hazardous to you, your family, and your customers’ health, and it can be damaging to your house and property. Senske pest control experts in Spokane can quickly and quietly alleviate your pesky problem. Call Senske Spokane pest removal services at (509) 535-3591 or request a free estimate to start living pest-free.

Senske has been a family-owned business in Spokane, Washington since 1947. We pride ourselves on our long history as a pest-control business and as part of this community. We look forward to providing you with Spokane pest removal services.

Our Spokane pest control services include:

Quarterly pest control service starting as low as $89.95 per visit.

Christmas Light Installation in Spokane, WA

Christmas Light Installation in Spokane, WA

Looking for Christmas lights installation in the Spokane area?

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Celebrate the holidays this year with a display of sparkling outdoor lights, beautiful wreaths or yard decorations. Our professional Christmas light installation crew will take care of everything. And, all you’ll have to do is select what you want—the color and type of lights and other decorations. Then we’ll provide everything, check them twice during the season, and remove them promptly at the end of the season. As you can see, there’s already a lot to be thankful for this holiday. Call today (509) 535-3591.

Professional Christmas Light Installation

By using our holiday lighting installation service, your residence or office space will stand out and make everyone who comes through the doors feel welcomed. Choose to string lights along your roof line and window sills or really accentuate your sweeping porch or office walkway with well-placed lights or one of our large, decorative wreaths.

Holiday Lighting Installation Just for You

Our Spokane Christmas light hanging service is designed to let you avoid the cold weather exposure and slick work yourself, but still have a display customized around your tastes. Schedule Senske’s crew right now to put your Christmas lights up and to take them down. Feel good about using our LED bulbs, which are energy efficient.

Commercial Snow Removal Service in Spokane, WA

Commercial Snow Removal Service in Spokane, WA

Looking for commercial snow removal in the Spokane area?

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Why risk having your customers or employees slip and injure themselves on snow and ice when you can hire Senske for snow removal? Our crew is prepared to quickly respond and take care of all your business’s snow shoveling needs. We have a fleet of snowplowing vehicles at your service 24/7 to produce the best results for you, and help keep your business up-and-running. Call today (509) 535-3591

Our crew can handle seasonal snowplowing and snow shoveling to clear parking lots and all entrance ways for your hospital, retail chain or city offices. We can also handle all deicing and ice removal if snow persists and causes freeze/thaw effects making conditions unsafe and dangerous.

Ice Removal When You Need It

Considering that meteorologists have a difficult time forecasting snow fall, you will too. They consider atmospheric temperatures, moisture levels, and whether warm air is hovering near the ground. But still sometimes fail. As a business owner, the chances of you predicting snow is also slim. That’s why we suggest you hire us for snow removal and be prepared.

Preparing for Snow Removal

While Spokane doesn’t experience heavy snowfall levels similar to the Northeast, it makes sense to be prepared. Hire us for seasonal snow removal and know that you’re ready!



In addition to serving Spokane, we also serve the following communities with commercial landscape maintenance, lawn care, pest control and tree service: Airway Heights, Chattaroy, Cheney, Colbert, Deer Park, Elk, Fairchild Air Force Base, Four Lakes, Greenacres, Liberty Lake, Mead, Medical Lake, Mica, Newman Lake, Nine Mile Falls, Otis Orchards, Rockford, Spangle, Valley Ford, Veradale and Clayton.

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