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Tacoma Lawn CareYour house and your property are important to you; they’re a representation of who you are. It’s an outward expression of your values. When your property is well maintained; it speaks volumes about your sense of style, your work ethic and your way of living. But sometimes you don’t have time to manage your property or your lawn. That’s why we’re here to give you a hand.

You can have the perfect yard; aerated and fertilized to create a full yard of green grass. You can have the best lawn on the block, if you call us for lawn care and yard maintenance now at (253) 581-1881.

The History of Our Lawn Care Company in Pierce County

Our landscaping company has been in existence since the 1940’s. From the very day we started serving residents of the south Puget Sound region, our goal was to be one of the very best lawn care companies in Washington. 

Our core values have stuck and remain central to the lawn care services we provide to this very day: quality yard maintenance through the combination of advanced environmental technology and excellent customer service.

Our Dedication to Lawn Service in South Puget Sound

Senske PromiseBecause we want the best for our customers, we give each lawn care customer our 100% satisfaction promise. If our customers aren’t completely satisfied with the lawn care service that we provide, we’ll come back and redo the service for free.

We continue to excel as a lawn maintenance company because of the sound work we provide to our customers and because of the gracious feedback that we’ve gotten from them. We welcome comments from our landscaping customers so that we might better continue to serve the residents of Pierce County. 

"We want to thank you for taking such good care of our yard and of us.  We particularly appreciate Brad and Rod, who carefully apply the various applications, assuring that each plant can grow and flourish in its own way.  We feel fortunate to have you all in our gardening world, and wanted to express our thanks.” –Carole & Bob 

We Offer Traditional and Organic Lawn Service

Because we’re dedicated to maintaining the upmost health and safety standards for our landscaping customers and our environment, we offer organic landscaping services for lawn care and tree care. Our Natural Choice Program only uses products that are certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Of course, we still offer our traditional lawn care services to every customer.

Organic services include:

  • Seasonal sprays, meant for insect and disease control
  • Natural fertilization, using fish, seaweed and chicken products and essential oils

For the best organic lawn care services, give our professional landscapers a call at (253) 581-1881 or request a free estimate online for high-quality landscaping and yard maintenance.

Landscaping Services in and around Tacoma, Washington

We offer a variety of lawn services. Check out the list of lawn maintenance services we offer and give us a call at (253) 581-1881 or request a free estimate online for risk-free landscaping service with a smile!

  • Core Aeration
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Lime Application
  • Moss Control
  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Pest Control

Core Aeration

core aerationIs your lawn looking a little disheveled? It might need a healthy dose of dethatching. This process, also known as core aeration or lawn aeration, greatly impacts lawn health. Sometimes mulch can build up in between the grass, soil and roots. If this layer of mulch becomes too great, the lawn can become deprived of air and room to grow. 

Lawn aeration is a landscaping practice involving the strategic removal of pieces of soil, root and grass. It’s accomplished with a machine that covers the entire yard and takes out small amounts of root, soil and grass; in order to give healthy grass more space to grow.

If you’re interested in core aeration, give our professional lawn aerators a call at (253) 581-1881 or request a free estimate for high-quality lawn aeration and lawn maintenance. We’ve been aerating lawns since the 1940’s, so you can trust that we’ll do it right!


lawn fertilizationPeople oftentimes feel like it’s not essential to fertilize their yard if their lawn looks green. However, in order for your lawn to remain green and stay healthy, it needs continuous nutrients. Fertilizer is an essential landscaping strategy. The soil that your yard is planted on top of rarely ever has enough nutrients to sustain a lawn. Even if it does at first, over time, grass will use up the soil’s nutrients until it is depleted of nutritional value. 

Fertilizers can either contain synthetic or organic materials. We let our landscaping customers choose what type of fertilizer they’d like for us to use. Synthetic fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Our organic fertilizers for lawns are made up of seaweed and chicken parts. Fish and seaweed are used to organically fertilize plants and shrubs. 

For a healthier lawn, start fertilizing today by calling (253) 581-1881. After business hours? request a free estimate for our lawn care and fertilization services.

Lime Application

lime applicationThe acidity of soil has a large impact on lawn health. Grass grows best in soil that has a pH level of 6 to 7; balanced between acidic and alkaline levels. If the pH level is above 7, the soil is alkaline and if it’s below 7, it’s too acidic. Soils with a high level of acidity will not grow grass effectively. The solution for acidic soil is a lime application.

Applying lime to a lawn can be a tricky process; lime applications should be applied during specific seasons and avoidant of periods where frost or dried grass is present. The process is accomplished by running a drop spreader in a strategic manner throughout the lawn area. Once lime has been spread evenly across the lawn, an application of water should be applied.

While many people might think their lawns need to be fertilized because their grass isn’t growing, it’s smart to check the pH balance in your soil before assuming your lawn needs fertilizer. When you call our professional lawn care company for landscaping services, we’ll check the pH balance of your lawn’s soil to test for acidity. 

Moss Control 

Moss ControlBecause of the amount of moisture and shade we get in the Northwest, lawns are especially prone to moss. Moss usually grows in lawns that don't have enough fertilizer; lawns that lack nutrients like nitrogen are hot beds for moss. Another reason for moss growth is due to damaged grass from ​lawn pest infestations. Whatever the reason for moss growth, we can help you get rid of it and prevent it from growing again.

Weed Control

Weed ControlWeeds can be hard to control and unruly; especially in ​Tacoma, where lawns get an abundance of water. The list of common lawn weeds in the Pacific Northwest is extensive. You might be​ bothered by annual bluegrass, chickweed or dandelions. Whatever weed you're worried about, let us pull it for you! Call us today ​at (253) 581-1881. After business hours? request a free estimate for our weed control.

Lawn Pest Control

  • Slug & Snail Control
  • Mole & Vole Removal
  • Crane Fly Control

Slug ControlCrane flies, slugs and sails, moles and voles; they're all pests that no one wants in their lawn. But how do you get rid of them? It's easy when you use our lawn care company for lawn pest management. We'll help you create the pest-free lawn that you've always dreamed about, and the best part is that you won't even have to lift a finger. Call us for hassle-free lawn pest control at  (253) 581-1881 or request a free estimate for lawn maintenance and pest removal.

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