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A greener and healthier lawn can definitely add to one’s landscape. You can have the nicest paving stones along your walkway. You can have the most beautifully manicured trees and shrubs. But without a healthy, nice-looking lawn to pull everything together, your landscaping can fall short. Call today (509) 452-0486

Unfortunately, issues can arise. Weedy grasses, such as Bermuda can overwhelm a lawn when not controlled. Lawn pests like billbugs and grubs can become an ongoing issue. And, weeds like dandelions, clover, oxalis, surge, crabgrass and chickweed, can all find a home right in your lawn. That’s why your neighbors choose us for regular lawn care, weed control and other yard services, such as aeration and sprinkler blowouts.

They select Senske for professional lawn care, so their landscaping looks its best and is something they can feel proud of. Why not get yours looking its best too?

Choose Senske for Lawn Care

One reason to consider us for lawn care is to have a greener and richer lawn without spending a ton of time (or money) trying to accomplish it yourself. By choosing us, you’ll receive:
  • Healthier lawn that neighbors will envy—and is more resistant to weeds and pests
  • Scheduled application of fertilizers that are specific to your soil and site conditions
  • Inspections and insect, weed and grub turf control
  • Help with special problems such as the invasion of weedy grasses, necrotic ring spot and snow mold
  • Reliable seasonal or year-long help
  • Highly trained technicians, who are both state and EPA-certified

Yard Services

With us, you get experts who know your terrain—and who know your soil. Since Eastern Washington’s soil can be a mixture of sand, clay, loam and river/Basalt rock, it can add to your lawn care challenges.

Choose us for year-round lawn care, and also get help with sprinkler set-up and aeration in the spring and fall and irrigation winterization in the fall.

Contact us for a customized quote today.

Senske Services
2909 River Road
Yakima, WA 98902
Phone: (509) 452-0486

We serve Yakima with lawn, weed control and yard services, as well as all surrounding areas: Cowiche, Ellensburg, Granger, Harrah, Mabton, Moxee, Naches, Outlook, Parker, Selah, Tieton, Toppenish, Wapato, White Swan, Union Gap and Zillah.