Tree Trimming and Pruning Service in Yakima, WA

You want your property to look the very best it can be. Senske wants to help you meet your goals and take your yard to the next level. Our professional tree trimming and pruning service in Yakima, WA will do just that. No matter what your goals for your property are, Senske will satisfy your needs providing a wide variety of lawn and tree care services. Tree trimming is one service that Senske highly recommends in order to keep the trees on your property healthy, pleasing to the eye, and ultimately safer. You won’t need to worry about heavy dead or diseased branches falling while the kids are out in the yard. Senske employs ISA certified arborists that remove branches that have the potential to break off. There is no need to put your family at risk. Contact us today to find out how tree trimming services in Yakima, WA can help you.

Why Senske Tree Care in Yakima, WA?

For high quality tree care that saves you time and the hassle, Senske would like to be your answer. Senske’s staff are highly experienced in all manners of tree care. Our arborists are ISA certified, making our team of tree landscaping experts a solid choice. When Senske is on the job, you have access to an entire team of experts who are dedicated to delivering you quality service. Our ISA certified arborists are familiar to the trees that are found in the Yakima area, so you can count on them to know just what to do. Senske will make sure that your property is well-maintained so you won’t even have to think about it. We can work with you to develop a plan that meets your requirments. When our certified arborists arrive on the job, they will examine your trees, they will recommend improvements, and leave your property looking better than when they first arrived. Enjoy the best parts of your property without lifting a finger.
Tree trimming offers three main benefits:
Tree Health-
Keeping your trees consistently healthy is not an easy task, fortunately, Senske’s tree trimming service keeps your trees green and growing. We recommend making tree trimming a regular habit. If dead or diseased branches are not removed, they tend to prevent healthy branches from growing. Getting rid of decaying branches helps improve the overall health of your tree. Tree trimming stops the spread of decay and gives your trees the chance to grow back stronger.
Beauty- Brown brittle branches sends the wrong message about your trees. This is unnecessary, as a simple periodic tree trimming could make a world of difference. Using Senske’s tree trimming service may surprise you with how much better your property could look. Keep your trees looking their best and let some sunlight in with regular tree trimming.
Safety- Regular tree trimming prevents potentially dangerous branches from threatening your family’s safety. This is especially true if large, heavy branches have died or become weakened by disease. You don’t need to take this unnecessary risk. Get your trees trimmed regularly to keep your family and property safe. Senske wants you to be safe, contact us today to learn more about our tree trimming services.

Do You Need Tree Removal Service?

Are you looking for tree trimming services, or tree removal services? If you are looking for tree trimming services in Yakima, WA, you may want to consider tree removal service. We recommend removing dead trees because they can be dangerous, as well as unpleasant to look at. Dead trees are typically weak. A strong gust of wind could blow them over, causing serious damage to your property or risking serious injury. Living trees can be a liability too. Trees that drop leaves, fruit, branches, or cones can make a mess that needs to be consistently cleaned up. If you are ready to remove a tree on your property, it is for the best that you take advantage of a professional tree removal service. Senske’s certified arborists will quickly and safely remove any tree, sparing you from unnecessary hassle. If you are looking for a safe and efficient solution to tree problems, contact Senske today about our tree removal service.

ISA Certified Arborists

Because Senske is always looking to be the best that we can be in providing lawn and tree service, we employ ISA certified arborists who are trained by the top authorities in tree care. Certified arborists are individuals trained in the science of all things tree care. Nobody understand trees like they do or such a wide variety. The trees in their knowledge base include pine, oak, fruit trees and much more. Senske’s certified arborists can be your personal tree service consultants. When you need a tree care service done, they are also the most qualified to do it. Either way, you can count on a certified arborist to answer your tree care needs.
The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is the authority on the science of tree care. ISA Arborists are only certified by the ISA if they meet the requirements set by the organization and pass their exams. Considering that our arborists are ISA certified, you can count on your yard being in good hands. 

Trimming Trees in Yakima, WA


As part of each tree trimming procedure, there are several steps involved. Each step is intended to optimize the appearance, health, and safety of your trees from start to finish. First, our certified arborists will assess your trees, looking for any warning signs or areas that need attention. Next, they will create a plan of action that will specifically address your needs. After this, they will use their hands-on skill to quickly and effectively improve your property with tree trimming. A method called “elevating” will be used to give more space around your trees. Last, once dead or diseased limbs are removed, all debris will be removed so you won’t need to clean up after.
Senske is always ready to listen to the specific needs of our customers, however, we will only take actions that promote the health, beauty, and safety of your property. For example, one method of tree trimming that we will not perform is called “topping”. Topping is harmful to trees and does not necessarily make them look better. Topping involves traumatic cutting of limbs and branches that put a tree in a state of emergency. Instead of helping, topping leaves trees weaker and more susceptible to decay and disease. While we will never recommend topping, our certified arborists will use effective methods of  tree trimming to prune your trees. Your trees will thank you!

Trimming and Pruning Different Tree Species in Yakima, WA

Yakima has plenty of tree species in its area. Senske’s certified arborists are familiar with each and every one. Whether you own pine, oak, fruit trees, or others, our arborists will handle each one according to their specific needs. Winter is usually the best time to have your trees trimmed. We recommend having your trees trimmed, because unlike in warm weather, they will not be growing. You won’t have to worry that cut branches will prevent your trees from growing. In winter, trees will be dormant, but once spring is here, they will grow stronger than before.
Fruit trees are especially benefited by regular trimming. Well-pruned fruit trees give fruit-bearing branches room to breathe. Thinned branches lets more sunlight in which is so necessary to fruit production. It is possible to go too far however. Experts from Senske will know just the right balance of pruning branches while not leaving your fruit trees exposed to the elements. One of the best indicators that that a fruit tree is ready to be pruned is when its flowers begin to fade. Senske always recommends having your fruit trees pruned at certain times of the year. Plum trees should be pruned in mid-summer to avoid silver leaf disease. Similarly, apple trees should be pruned in the spring or summer, to protect them from fireblight infection. Consistent and proper pruning protect your fruit trees from disease, encourage healthy growth, and ensure a good harvest each season.
Like fruit trees, oak are recommended to be trimmed at certain times. The best season to do this is through the months of November to March. Wilting oak disease is a common malady that can be avoided by trimming your oak trees during colder weather.
Pine trees are usually much tougher than other species of trees. But, like most trees, should be trimmed regularly. Trimming pine trees help them keep their distinctive shape and remove decay. Both aspens and pines, should be trimmed in spring or winter. If you notice branches that are damaged, disease, or dead, you should have them removed as quickly as possible to prevent further spread of decay.

Serving the Yakima, WA Area

There are many varieties of tree species in Yakima, WA. Common trees in the Yakima area are: Cascara, Mountain Ash, Black Cottonwood, Paper Birch, Quaking Aspen, Lodgepole Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Western Larch, Western Red Cedar, Western White Pine, Twinberry, Box Elder, Douglas Hawthorn. Senske’s ISA certified arborists are familiar with all of these species and many more.
Are you looking for tree trimming services in Yakima, WA or elsewhere? Senske offers services in: Cowiche, Ellensburg, Granger, Harrah, Mabton, Moxee, Naches, Outlook, Parker, Selah, Tieton, Toppenish, Wapato, White Swan, Union Gap and Zillah.

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How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

f you are wondering how much does tree trimming cost, Senske offers you an absolutely free estimate, based on a few details. First we will need to know how many trees you have, the size of your trees, the current state of their health, and as well as their health background. Once our certified arborists have these facts, they can give you an accurate and free estimate.
If you are looking for a tree trimming service in Yakima, WA from ISA certified arborists, contact Senske today for a free estimate!