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Scorpions Control and Removal Services

Scorpions are much more than just an amazing ’80s rock band. Scorpions are a venomous arthropod that is closely related to spiders, mites, and ticks. These intimidating insects have a stinger located on their tail that is used to hunt prey and for defense. These stingers contain venom that paralyzes their prey, leaving them unable to move and vulnerable for attack enabling the scorpion to feed. Out of over 2,000 species of scorpions, somewhere between thirty to forty species carry enough venom to kill a human.

Striped tail scorpionMost scorpions usually grow between 2-3 inches long. Besides the stingers attached to their tails, they also have two pincher claws that resemble claws of a crab. Scorpions are nocturnal animals that sneak up on their prey at night and they have been found to glow underneath an ultraviolet light. Scorpion prey include various insects, spiders, lizards, and mice.

Common Species of Scorpion

  • Arizona Hairy Scorpion
  • Bark Scorpion
  • Striped–Tailed Scorpion (also known as a Devil Scorpion)


The best way to handle a scorpion is to not have to deal with them at all. Scorpions are burrowing arachnids that make their homes under rocks and within piles of debris. A good prevention for scorpions is to keep piles of wood or debris away from homes and to always wear protective work gloves when moving the piles or cleaning up the debris.

Need help with scorpion control? Don’t try to deal with this dangerous insect by yourself, rather leave it to the professionals at Senske Pest Control. Contact us today at (877) 944-4007 or request an estimate online.

Scorpions: The Creepiest of the Crawlers

Are you plagued by scorpions? Get effective scorpion control from Senske! As pest control experts, Senske deals with all manner of pests. As locals know, scorpions are a terrifying pest to invade your property. Fight back and get rid of scorpions today! (877) 944-4007

To know your enemy is excellent advice, and certainly applies to scorpion control. Here are some facts about these venomous invaders:

In the family of mites and ticks, scorpions are one of the more interesting arachnids, with two pincer claws and a stinger on the tip of its tail. They have tiny hairs on their legs that detect prey through vibrations in the air. Their females carry their babies on their backs. They are all the more creepy around an ultraviolet light since you can see them glow! Despite all their fun facts, they are not so fun when encountered face to face. When dealing with scorpion infestation, the problem can be overwhelming. Especially in Las Vegas, scorpion control is a very common need for the safety of your home or business.

Their venomous, painful sting has the potential to be deadly. At Senske Pest Control, our scorpion extermination services understand the seriousness of a scorpion invasion. The safety of you, your loved ones (including pets!), or your customers is in danger with them around and we don’t take that lightly. Our experienced, licensed extermination technicians are quick to respond and ready to get rid of scorpions in no time.

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How to Get Rid of Scorpions: Our Process

If you suspect a scorpion problem, the first thing to do is to get one of our pest control technicians to your house or business. They are professionally trained and licensed, and have the tools for scorpion identification since scorpions can be tricky and dangerous to find. The next step is assessing the extent of the scorpion infestation, coming up with a customized plan based on your situation, and then applying our safe solutions (kid and pet-friendly!) around the perimeter of your property, and inside if requested.

For the best results, we recommend a recurring bi-monthly appointment with our scorpion control services so the scorpion problem won’t return, guaranteed! We promise, or we’ll return at no cost.

Scorpion Extermination Cost

Scorpion control problems can be life-threatening. Our scorpion control prices are fair and more than worth it. During your free estimate, we evaluate the square footage of your property (inside and out), the overall scope of the scorpion problem, and will provide a quote based on the frequency of our services. Ask about our bi-monthly program, which is our best value.

Call Senske at (877) 944-4007 or request a free estimate.

Scorpion Species in Las Vegas: Arizona Bark Scorpion

scorpion.jpgThe Bark Scorpion can grow up to two inches in length and have a light yellow coloring. They are excellent climbers, nocturnal, and known to be aggressive. When it comes to bark scorpion extermination, it is better to bring in a professional since these pests are just not safe. March through October are the months that you should be on the lookout, but be mindful throughout the year, just to be safe.

Bark scorpions can live up to six years, produce 12-24 eggs per year, and like to hide in moist, dark places. Although they are usually in debris, rocks, and wood, there are some bark scorpions that make their way inside. They can show up in closets, hide out in walls, or even bathtubs and sinks! Protect your family or customers and call us for our bark scorpion extermination services today!

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