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Lawn Care Services by Senske

Senske Services has been providing residential and commercial lawn care service to communities in the Northwest since 1947. Choose us for year-round lawn care and also get help with sprinkler set-up and aeration in the spring and winterization in the fall. We administer reliable seasonal and yearlong yard maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

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Our lawn care services reflect our commitment to quality in all aspects of lawn care and lawn maintenance. Lawn maintenance services are available year-round or seasonally. Whether you decide to use Senske for lawn aeration, weed control, or sprinkler repair, installation and winterization, we guarantee you'll be pleased with the quality of lawn care and customer service we provide.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

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Lawn aeration is one of the most beneficial lawn maintenance treatments for a yard. The goal of lawn aeration is to produce a fuller and healthier lawn. This is accomplished by removing small cores of soil, grass and grass root around the entirety of the yard. Removing small pieces of soil and grass allow the roots to receive air, moisture and fertilizer. In turn, this lawn service reduces the compaction of soil, thatch and excess water drainage.

To increase the health of your yard, lawn aeration should be performed at least once a year. The best time to aerate your lawn is after the winter season, when your grass is not covered in rain or snow.

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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

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Fertilization acts as a weed, bug and fungus control for your lawn. The amount of nutrients that a yard has is one of the most influential determinants of lawn health. If your yard is receiving the correct nutrients, your yard will be healthier, fuller and greener. A fuller yard will not allow weeds to have as much room to grow. Lawn fertilization can also prevent the damaging effects of bugs and fungus, as both of these species contribute to the depletion of nutrients in soil and lawns.

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Weed Control

Weed Control

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Are you constantly removing weeds from your yard, and wondering why the weeds never go away? Different weeds grow better during different seasons. This means yards require year-round maintenance. The easiest way to control weeds is by using a professional lawn maintenance service. The most common types of weeds in our area are:

  • Clover - Although there are over 300 species of clover, white clover is the most prevalent species found in yards. Mowing lawns high can be a deterrent for clover.
  • Dandelions - Their yellow flowers and green leaves are connected to roots which grow deep beneath the surface of the soil, making it difficult to permanently remove this weed.
  • Spurge - This weed grows well in sun and will typically appear in the late summer in bark-dusk and other areas that surround yards.
  • Crabgrass - Also known as finger-grass, this weed can sneak up unnoticed and take over a yard because the color is similar to yard grass.
  • Oxalis
  • Japanese Clover
  • Black Medic
  • Bermuda Grass 
  • Thistle
  • Plantain Grass 

The most effective way to control weeds is by preventing them from growing in the first place. Senske specializes in weed prevention and weed control. If you don’t have weeds yet, call Senske to ensure you maintain a weed-free yard. If you do have weeds, request a free estimate from Senske to remove them! With just a little bit of professional lawn care help, your yard can be transformed back into a luscious, weed-free lawn. Instead of taking care of weed removal yourself, let us handle it, take the day off and go play in the sun with your kids.

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Lawn Pest Control

Lawn Pest Control

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It can seem almost impossible to remove bugs from your yard once they appear - but with professional bug control it’s possible! Senske technicians are trained and experienced in bug prevention and lawn insect control.

Many people think that their yard needs more water, when instead; their yard has been invaded by billbugs. If your lawn is turning brown and dying, don’t waste valuable resources and run up your water bill before checking your soil for grubs. Billbugs kill lawns by eating the roots of grass, which creates the appearance of a drought.

Other types of lawn pests to be aware of are Grubs(European Chafer) and Sod Webworms. 

Lawn Diseases

Lawn Diseases

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There are over 10 types of lawn fungi common in our region. The most prominent fungi include necrotic ring spots, fairy rings and mushrooms. Each of these fungi has a different effect on lawns. They are similar in their aesthetically displeasing appearance and the damage they can cause to lawns if not properly controlled. Senske offers professional lawn fungus control and lawn disease treatment.

  • Necrotic ring spots - these create brown patches in yards. They flourish during the hot months and usually die-down in the colder months. However, reoccurring necrotic ring spots can permanently destroy grass.
  • Fairy rings - Fairy rings produce circles, or rings. They feed on thatch. If one fairy ring appears in your yard, you’ll want to address it before one ring becomes many rings.
  • Mushrooms - common fungi can grow from tree stumps and roots under the surface of the grass. In order to eliminate mushrooms, the root or tree stump that it is feeding off of must be removed. Fungi can be controlled by making sure your lawn receives ample amounts of nutrients. Fertilization helps prevent lawn fungus.

Lawn ​Fungus Control

Necrotic Ring Spot - show up in your yard as brown patches during the hot, dry months. They usually go away during cold and wet seasons.
Mold and fungus - can infect your lawn during every season of the year. The most common fungi you’ll see in and around Provo lawns are necrotic ring spot, snow mold and fairy wings.
Fairy rings: feed off of thatch and produce darker green circles. Lawn aeration can help prevent fairy rings.
Snow mold - will appear right after the snow season when the grass starts to show after being covered by snow for an extensive period of time.​

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

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Our trained and experienced technicians will first make sure that you’re watering at the right time of day and watering the right amount to maintain your lovely lawn and landscaping. Because applying water can be a balancing act—enough water so everything stays green and thrives, while also being mindful not to overly increase your water utility bill. Our team is trained to look for efficiencies every chance we get. For instance, we’ll make sure that all sprinklers are working—and working correctly. Plus, we’ll make sure that you’re not wasting money due to a leak or if a leak is causing damage to the foundation of your home, yard or irrigation system.

Winterizing Sprinkler System

Another convenience in using us is for winterizing sprinkler system and starting it back up in the spring. Our professional technicians know what they’re doing and will ensure that all water is completely removed from your pipes preventing damage from freezing temperatures. In fact, let us place you on our crew’s schedule right now, so you won’t have to worry about scheduling it later

Benefit of Senske for Sprinkler Repair

Senske understands what it takes to have your property look its best. We also have the expertise to properly diagnose problems, deliver sprinkler repair as well as guide you on irrigation system upgrades.

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Overseeding Service

Are you troubled by bare spots in your yard that produce a constant eye-sore? Overseeding can reduce thinning turf. Overseeding is a technique that is accomplished by using a specialized machine to plant seeds into existing grass. This lawn service method enhances the health and color of your yard by introducing seeds of different grass varieties. Overseeding is an alternative and less-expensive method to completely tearing up grass and replanting from scratch. The best time to overseed a lawn in ​our area is in the late summer and fall. Another lawn care essential is overseeding, which helps reduce bare spots and thinning. This practice enhances the health and color of your yard by introducing seeds of different grass varieties. Overseeding requires a specific machine that evenly distributes seeds into a yard. This machine is expensive and cumbersome. Instead of buying one yourself and taking the time to overseed, let Senske provide this lawn service for you.

The Senske Promise

We’re confident that you’ll agree we provide the best lawn care service within the areas we serve. In fact, we’ve guaranteed 100% satisfaction to all of our customers. If you’re not fully satisfied with the lawn care service that is provided, our technicians will come back to the property and redo the job - free of charge. That’s the Senske promise. 

More Than 70 Years of Lawn Care at Your Service

senske guarantee family ownedWhether you want the best lawn on the block, a safe place for your kids to play or more free time, Senske lawn care services are a hassle-free way to ensure your yard is always picture perfect.

Senske offers seasonal lawn care and maintenance throughout the year at competitive pricing backed by more than 70years of lawn maintenance know-how. Our professional, expert and friendly technicians are certified by each state we serve, and by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Beyond just killing weeds and getting rid of yard pests, we make your lawn look the best it’s ever looked. Our lawn care services are customized to your landscape, your terrain and your needs. Senske lawn maintenance services start with a free consultation and estimate, helping us get to know you and your lawn.

Everything we do is backed by the rock-solid Senske Promise. Here’s a sample of what our full service lawn care program includes:

  • Custom fertilizer or weed killer every visit (EPA regulated with organic choices available).
  • Weed control of crabgrass and other nuisances.
  • Lawn pest control to protect your precious lawn from grubs and other insects.
  • Unlimited on-site service calls, so you get what you need, when you need it.
  • Healthier lawn that is more resistant to weeds and pests
  • Regularly scheduled treatment of fertilizers, plus turf insect, weed and grub control
  • Help with issues like fairy rings, ne​crotic ring spot and snow mold
  • Reliable ongoing maintenance help
  • Highly trained technicians who are both state and EPA-certified​

If you want beautiful, green grass year-round without any hassle, call Senske today at (877) 944-4007. Our services start as low as $49.95, and you can get your customized, no-obligation estimate by clicking the estimate button to the left.

Lawn Care That’s Affordable for a Safe and Beautiful Yard

Senske customers enjoy an inviting lawn that offers a safe place for kids to play, and is entertainment-ready all year long. Starting as low as $49.95, our lawn mowing services are more affordable than you may think.

With Senske at your service, you can ditch that to-do list. Have friends and family over whenever the mood strikes – without worrying about how your lawn looks. We also offer organic options for our products for a more natural yard environment you can feel good about.

We’ll also ensure that you get the yard maintenance services that’s right for your particular landscape—and your needs. If you prefer organic fertilizers and weed control products over traditional methods, we can accommodate you. If you need seasonal help, when you and your family BBQ and entertain more, we can arrange this. Or, if you need sprinkler set-up and aeration and irrigation winterization in the fall, we can also do this in addition to providing lawn care. Additionally, we offer multiple other services in your neighborhood.​

The Only One Who Cares as Much About Your Lawn as You Do is Senske

Senske has been in the lawn care business since 1947. That means we’ve seen every weed, yard pest and grass problem in the book, and we know how to fix it. Senske has the know-how to make a lawn look its absolute best — no matter what the terrain, weather or yard condition.

Even though we’re a big operation, our service brings a friendly neighborhood feel with it. We surprise our clients with extras when we can, and we always stand behind all our services with the rock-solid Senske Promise. Our customers are loyal to us and we show our appreciation with referral discounts.

If you’re ready to take a proactive approach to a healthy and beautiful lawn, Senske is here for you in Washington, Utah, and Idaho. Contact us today at (877) 944-4007 or request an estimate online and find your customized lawn care program. You might be surprised at just how affordable an attractive lawn can be!

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