How to Maintain Healthy Lawn Thatch

You are probably wondering is there anything good about thatch?  Well, in fact there are some benefits to a thin layer of thatch up to ½ inch thick.  The goal with our lawn core aeration service is to maintain your lawn to ½ inch or less thatch layer.    


As it occurs in healthy, manicured lawns, there are many benefits to thatch, including:

  • A more tolerant grass
  • Soilless susceptible to compaction thanks to cushioning
  • Cushioning to increase safety for athletes playing on grass
  • Creation of mulch, preventing accelerated drying of the soil surface
  • Reduction of erosion

It may require multiple lawn core aeration services over time to remediate a severe thatch layer on your lawn.  If you have a severe thatch problem, two or three aeration services per year may be required to improve the health and growth of your lawn.

But, don't grass clippings cause thatch?  In a word, no!  Grass clippings are actually about 95% water and nutrients.  Once the water leaves the grass blade, it will decompose and return nutrients to your lawn.  Sometimes clippings don't decompose overwinter and may be raked up to make the lawn look greener or allowed to decompose over time.  Leave clippings on your lawn when possible to return the nutrients and organic material back to your lawn.  We call that Grasscycling!

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