Professional Tree Services: Senske’s ​70 Years of Experience

The landscape that surrounds your property is a big part of what makes your home so inviting. Keep your investment healthy and lush with Senske tree and shrub care. We offer professional tree services including tree trimming services, tree and stump removal, fertilization, integrated pest management and other commercial tree care. Our arborists have been caring for landscapes since 1947, and we know how to make your property look beautiful year-round.

We adjust our tree care services to each season, to prevent the most common problems your property faces throughout the year. Senske will also customize our services for your trees and shrubs as needed. And all our products are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure the safety of your environment.

Not only are our products tested and approved, our technicians are certified arborists who are experienced in all things tree service.

Senske Tree Services Provide:

Senske arborists carefully assess each situation to provide your property exactly what it needs. From spraying for insects, trimming or pruning, they can even help if it's time to remove a hazardous tree.

Tree Care Service

  • Winter: Control over-wintering insects and fungicide to protect against disease during this dormant season. Prepare your landscape to be healthy for the year to come.

  • Spring: Safeguard against the first attack of insects and disease that assault new and tender growth. Nutrients and plant food are applied to help trees and shrubs recover from the winter, so they will grow.

  • Summer: Inspect for and control early summer pests that destroy landscape, such as borers and aphids.

  • Late Summer: Protect against hot-weather pests such as spider mites and aphids.

  • Fall: Inspect for and control late-season mites and other pests common to trees and shrubs this time of year. Plant food and nutrients are injected into the root zone so they will recover from the dry summer and grow.

With Senske tree service, say goodbye to common tree problems like brown and yellow leaves, leaf spots and leaf drops. We’re licensed experts in insect and disease control for your landscape, and our arborists know how to identify and treat unusual problems that occur.

Our customers love our tree and shrub service because it’s backed by the Senske Promise.

So if you’re ready to protect your valuable landscape, contact Senske today at (877) 944-4007 or get a customized quote online.