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Salt Lake City Lawn Care Pest Control

There’s a reason why Senske is the chosen lawn care provider to homeowners, commercial businesses and public properties in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas.

And the reason is because no other company delivers the comprehensive service we do. Not only do we provide landscape maintenance, tree service and preventative weed and disease control, but we also offer professional pest control services.

After more than 70 years, we know what we’re doing and everything we do is backed by the Senske Promise, we will meet your satisfaction, or we will do the job again. Long-standing customers are also comforted by the fact that our licensed technicians are state and EPA-certified and really understand the landscape maintenance and shrub and tree care required in this cool, moist region of ours.

Senske Services in Salt Lake City, UT

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Lawn Care Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Lawn Care Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Looking for lawn care services in the Salt Lake City area?

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Greener and healthier lawn without the effort and time needed to maintain it yourself. Salt Lake City is a wonderful place to live, but trying to maintain a yard in this beautiful city can be challenging because of our diverse climate. Being a homeowner is time-intensive enough without having to maintain a front and backyard. Let Senske Services handle all your lawn maintenance. Call Senske today at  (801) 565-1000 or request a free estimate for professional lawn care service in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Maintenance Services

Senske provides many commercial and residential lawn care services in the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is that the interior and exterior of your business look both professional and aesthetically pleasing. Find out more about our commercial lawn care maintenance services.

Choose from year-round care or seasonal lawn maintenance for residential and commercial properties. We offer lawn aeration and overseeding, weed control, fungus control, sprinkler repair and winterization. You can count on Senske to provide commercial and residential lawn care services that will make your lawn healthier and make you happier.

Our ​Salt Lake City lawn care services include:

Lawn care prices starting as low as $49.95 per treatment.

Sprinkler Repair Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Sprinkler Repair Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Looking for sprinkler repair services in the Salt Lake City area?

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No need to get your hands dirty when our crew can handle sprinkler repairs of all kinds, plus take care of winterizing your sprinkler system in the fall. Sure we’re known for providing excellent lawn care, but we also help Salt Lake City homeowners and business owners with sprinkler repair, servicing and sprinkler blowout in the fall. Call today (801) 565-1000.

Let our trained technicians first make sure that you’re watering at the right time of day and watering the right amount to ensure your property’s landscaping stays looking its best. We strive for the right balance so everything stays green and thrives, while not increasing your water utility bill. Next, we’ll make sure that all sprinklers are working—and working correctly without any leaks. Because a leak can cost you plenty, if it causes foundation damage to your home or business.

Winterizing Sprinkler System

Another service we offer is winterizing sprinkler systems and ensuring that all water is completely removed from your pipes before freezing temperatures arrive. And come spring, restart your system in time for the first blooms. Suggest you get on our schedule right now, so you won’t have to worry about it later.

Call Us for Sprinkler Repair

Let us be the first vendor on your list. Our technicians have the expertise to properly diagnose problems, deliver sprinkler repair as well as guide you on irrigation system upgrades. 

Our Salt Lake City sprinkler repair service includes:

Sprinkler blowouts starting as low as $69.95 and start-ups starting as low as $59.95.

Shrub & Tree Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Shrub & Tree Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Looking for shrub & tree services in the Salt Lake City area?

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So you can avoid potential problems and damage to your trees and protect your real estate investment. Talk about a variety of trees that grace the yards of homes and businesses in our lovely Salt Lake City. From ash trees, pines, aspens and sycamores to maples, elms and all kinds of fruit trees, it’s no wonder so many of your neighbors and business colleagues choose our professional tree service. Ongoing maintenance (tree trimming, tree pruning and insect control) proves too difficult for them to do themselves, which is why they—and you—can count on us. Call today (801) 565-1000.

Senske is a local professional tree service provider, who offers certified arborists from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). They really understand the proper tree care for the particular trees—and the shrubs in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Let’s say that you need help with tree removal because a tree has become unsafe (due to power lines) or unhealthy and isn’t adding any value to your landscape. We can help. We can fall a tree, as well as handle its stump removal and grinding.

Why Us for Tree Service?

Because large, healthy, fruiting and flowering trees and shrubs need regular maintenance to thrive. If left unattended, they can look messy and become more susceptible to insects and diseases. Aphids, spider mites, scales and various borers can all damage trees. By partnering with Senske’s ISA-certified tree service experts in insect and disease control, you’ll receive the best defense when unusual problems occur. Why trust the value of your real estate investment to anyone else?

Our tree service and shrub services include:

  • Knowledgeable ISA arborists, who are certified insect and disease experts
  • Regularly scheduled inspections and control for insects and disease
  • Application of nutrients and plant food injected down into the root zone timed to the season
  • Regular inspections, tree trimming and tree pruning is proven to keep trees healthy and free from aphids, spider mites, scales and various other borers who can cause damage.​

Ensure that your trees receive the right tree service, so they can provide shade and beauty for you and your family. Plus, ensure your property’s overall value is the protected.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT

Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT

Looking for grounds maintenance services in the Salt Lake City area?

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So your business, HOA, or public property looks its best. Our technicians are highly trained and state-certified. Answering the phone politely and delivering a quality product or service is certainly important to win more customers. But, how your company projects itself on the outside is also important to instill the right image. Is your company projecting the right image? Are your grounds swept and tidy? These are questions we suggest you ask yourself. If your answer is no, let us help. Call today (801) 565-1000.

Salt Lake businesses and public sector communities have relied on Senske’s commercial landscape maintenance for years. They use our local licensed technicians for lawn care, elimination of grubs and other lawn pests, tree and shrub care and trash, snow and ice removal. Many also look to us for safe and convenient commercial pest control.

Why Us for Landscaping Maintenance?

For one thing our technicians are dependable. The morning after snowfall, you can count on us to be there. Another is that our landscaping maintenance technicians are highly trained and state-certified.

Our commercial landscape maintenance services include:

Pest Control Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Pest Control Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Looking for pest control services in the Salt Lake City area?

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When you enroll in Senske's pest control program, you receive a protective shield around your property. Nothing is more uncomfortable than finding out pests have invaded your house or business. Whether it’s a beehive in your chimney, cockroaches behind your refrigerator or mice in your pantry, pests are disturbing and can carry diseases. It’s especially worrisome if you have children or pets. When you encounter pests in or around your house, use Senske as your Salt Lake City pest control service. Call us at (801) 565-1000 or request a free estimate for pest control services.

Our pest control service technicians are trained in pest prevention, control, and removal. We understand that finding pests in your home is nerve-racking. A large part of pest removal is the sense of safety you feel knowing the job was done and done well. As your Salt Lake City pest services, we will clearly and effectively communicate with you about the level of pest invasion, the options for removal, and the step-by-step process we take in eliminating pests from your house.

The safety of your family, your children, your pets and your customers are always on our minds. Senske only uses pest ​control methods that are state and federally-approved. Not only is our pest control safe, it’s effective. Count on Senske for all of your pest problems.

Our Salt Lake City pest control services include:

Pest control service starting as low as $89.95 per visit.

Mosquito Control Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Mosquito Control Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Looking for mosquito control in the Salt Lake City area?

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Senske Services safely and effectively removes mosquitoes with our two-for-one mosquito control treatments. Our professional mosquito service also gets rid of ticks. Protect your family and reduce the risk of potentially dangerous diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and ticks. 

Let Senske create a perimeter of mosquito defense around your home or business. Enjoy your backyard mosquito-free!

Christmas Light Installation in Salt Lake City, UT

Christmas Light Installation in Salt Lake City, UT

Looking for Christmas lights installation in the Salt Lake City area?

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Use our professional—and customized—Christmas light installation service and be the envy of the neighborhood. Why not raise the bar on your holiday decorations this year with Senske’s professional Christmas light installation service? More sparkle and lights will add a touch of good cheer. Go ahead and wrap your tree trunks with lights; choose one of our beautiful wreaths to hang; and outline your roof line with our energy efficient and bright LED lights. We’ll not only provide the lights and outdoor holiday decor (based on your preference), we’ll install everything and check to ensure that lights are working properly twice during the season. Moreover, we’ll remove everything. No effort on your part. Not even storage after the season! Call today (801) 565-1000.

Holiday Lighting Installation—Just Choose Color

Our Christmas light hanging service in Salt Lake City lets you choose the type and color of your outdoor holiday-themed display. And, our service lets you avoid working out in the cold weather yourself. From colorful lights, breathtaking wreaths to animated yard decorations, we have the right selection for you to create the look you want. By using our holiday lighting installation service, your residence or business will be the talk of the neighborhood where everyone who comes through the doors or drives by will feel greater happiness.

Professional Christmas Light Installation

When we say “professional” we mean professional. Count on Senske’s crew to put the holiday lights up, take them down as well as inspect your display twice and fix any burned out bulbs or shorts. And, energy-efficient LED bulbs will be used.

Commercial Snow Removal Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Commercial Snow Removal Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Looking for commercial snow removal in the Salt Lake City area?

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Don’t risk having your customers or employees slip and injure themselves on snow and ice. Instead hire us for timely snow removal. As a business owner, it’s hard to predict and prepare for snow. Even the meteorologists have difficultly forecasting snowfall with certainty. Sure they consider the atmospheric temperature and the amount of moisture in the air—and if warm air is near the ground, but still can be wrong. Call today (801) 565-1000

We suggest you hire us for seasonal snowplowing and snow shoveling. This way you can keep your business up and running after it snows without missing a beat. Plus, you can better manage the safety of your employees, and the safety of your customers with our quick response to your business’s snow removal needs. In fact, we have a fleet of snowplowing and snow shoveling vehicles that can be mobilized 24/7 to serve you and deliver great results.

Benefits of Senske Ice Removal

Salt Lake City doesn’t get the inches of snow that Northeast cities get, but we do experience heavy snowfall. Salt Lake City businesses of all kinds like the fact that we quickly act when a front moves in and requires snow removal. And, they like how deicing and ice removal are part of our service if snow persists and causes freeze/thaw safety issues on their pedestrian walkways. Hire us now and be ready for the next storm with our professional snow removal at your service.




In addition to serving Salt Lake City, we also serve the following communities with commercial landscape maintenance, lawn care, pest control and tree service: Payson, Spanish Fork, Mapleton, Springville, Provo, Orem, Lindon, Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, American Fork, Lehi, Highland, Alpine, Bluffdale, Herriman, Riverton, Draper, Sandy, South Jordan, West Jordan, Holladay, Murray, Millcreek, Kearns, West Valley, Magna, Grantsville, Tooele, Lake Point, Park City, Heber, Kamas, Coalville, Oakley, North Salt Lake, Bountiful and Centerville.