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Senske has provided the residents of Spokane, WA, and surrounding areas with the very best lawn care, tree service, and pest control services since 1947. The Spokane area can offer many challenges when it comes to maintaining a beautiful healthy lawn and the experts at Senske are prepared. Our services include lawn fertilization, lawn aeration, pest control, and other services. We have you covered from common lawn diseases such as red thread, necrotic ring spots to weed control, sprinkler repair, and more.

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Lawn Care Tips for Spokane, WA

Eastern Washington’s soil, including Spokane, can include a mixture of sand, clay, loam, and river or Basalt rock. These types of soils can be a challenge to prevent Spokane lawns from being taken over by weedy grasses. For example, bermudagrass can overwhelm a lawn when it’s not controlled in our area. Be sure to remove debris and thatch on your lawn so that it has better access to nutrients and prevent lawn fungus diseases from spreading.

We recommend taking preemptive measures such as soil testing for proper pH balance to make sure that your lawn doesn’t need lime treatment or special fertilizer. You can use a soil test kit from a local retailer to test for yourself. Your soil pH level should be between 6-7. If the number is higher than 7, the soil is acidic, if it is lower than 6, it is alkaline. High acidity in soil can be rebalanced by lime treatment. Our lawn care team in Spokane can test your soil and adjust lawn treatments accordingly.

We also highly recommend lawn aeration. Using a core aerator, aerate your lawn in either the spring or fall to break up compacted Eastern Washington soil. Make sure to rake your lawn to remove thatch beforehand. Aeration allows nutrients and water to reach your grass roots better for a healthy lawn. Be sure to remove thatch and debris on your lawn before you aerate but leave the cores pulled by the aerator for the best results.

Weed Control Tips in Spokane, WA

Noxious weeds can be a problem in Washington state. Common weeds in the Spokane area include dandelions, clover, oxalis, surge, crabgrass, and chickweed. For Spokane, the best weed control method is using pre-emergent weed control products. This weed treatment prevents most weeds from popping up, to begin with. 

As the season moves along, consistent weed treatment is necessary. Catching weeds early on is the best way to prevent more from showing up. Senske offers a scheduled weed control service to routinely treat your lawn for weeds.

Lawn Disease and Pest Tips for Spokane, WA

Common lawn insects in Spokane such as billbugs and grubs are often a challenge to homeowners. If you notice small white worms in your lawn, this could be a sign of a lawn insect infestation. Lawn pests can cause serious harm to your lawn if left unchecked. Let us know if you have spotted grubs and we can provide a free estimate for treating your lawn for pests.

Lawn fungus can ruin your grass, quickly spreading and turning it brown. Common lawn diseases in Spokane include Fusarium Patch, Red Thread, Ringspot, and Snow Mold. Removing debris and thatch can help reduce the spread of lawn fungus but proper lawn disease treatments can remove it. If you notice discolored reddish-brown patches in your lawn, give us a call! 



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