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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Spokane, WA


Why risk having your customers or employees slip and injure themselves on snow and ice when you can hire Senske for snow removal? Our snow and ice management crew is prepared to quickly respond and take care of all your business’s snow shoveling needs. 

Senske has over 70 years of experience. Rely on our snow plowing service to clear snow on your commercial property in the Spokane area. We have a fleet of snow plowing vehicles at your service 24/7. We are here to help keep your business up-and-running. 

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Our crew can handle seasonal snow plowing and snow shoveling to clear parking lots and all entrance ways for your hospital, retail chain or city offices. We can also handle all de-icing and ice removal if heavy snow persists and causes freeze/thaw effects making conditions unsafe and dangerous.

Ice Removal When You Need It

Considering that meteorologists have a difficult time forecasting snow fall, you will too. They consider atmospheric temperatures, moisture levels, and whether warm air is hovering near the ground. As we all know, you still can’t predict the weather 100%.

As a business owner, leaving hazardous weather to chance isn’t recommended. That’s why we suggest you hire us for snow removal and be prepared.

Preparing for Snow Removal in Spokane

While Spokane doesn’t always experience heavy snowfall, it’s always best to be prepared. Keep your doors open all winter worry-free! Hire us for seasonal snow removal and know that you’re ready!

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