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Finding out pests have invaded your home or business is a huge drag. A pest invasion can cause you stress and embarrassment, it can be hazardous to you, your family, and your customers’ health, and it can be damaging to your house and property.

Senske pest control experts in Spokane can quickly and quietly alleviate your pesky problem. Call Senske Spokane pest removal services at (509) 535-3591 or request a free estimate to start living pest-free.

Senske has been a family-owned business in Spokane, Washington since 1947. We pride ourselves on our long history as a pest-control business and as part of this community. We look forward to providing you with Spokane pest removal services.

The Senske Promise

Senske PromiseOur methods for pest control in Spokane are state and federally approved. Our technicians are trained in pest removal, safety, and customer service. This means you can count on Senske to get rid of your pests in a manner that is safe for you, your family and your pets.

Our goal at Senske is to provide you with service that leaves you feeling healthy and happy. We give all of our customers our Senske promise. This promise guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with the pest removal services we provide. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll come back and do the job again for free. That’s the Senske Promise.

Jeff is always the one who comes to our house so he knows us and our dog and is always friendly and pleasant to deal with. The staff is friendly and the product works! I will continue to have my pest control done by Senske because it works and why change what is working? Andrea D, Spokane

Call Senske for residential and commercial pest control in Spokane. We have the capability to take care of any pest problem- no matter how big or small. Senske provides residences and businesses with pest removal service for:

  • spider control
  • ant removal
  • bee and wasp control
  • rodent removal
  • insect control
  • cockroach extermination
  • bird removal
  • bed bug and termite extermination

Spokane Spider Control

Of the 4,000 spiders found in the United States and Canada, the Spokane valley and surrounding areas are lucky enough to avoid most of them. Of the spiders that we do have, only a few have the potential to be harmful, including the Black widow and the hobo spider.

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider

The black widow can be easily identified as it is unique-looking. It prefers the outdoors, which means you typically don’t have to worry about finding black widows inside of your house.

Hobo Spider

Hobo Spiders

The hobo spider, on the other hand, is a frequent house-guest. Hobo spiders don’t climb well so they stay low to the ground and hide under rocks or foundations of houses. Hobo spiders are commonly known to show up inside of houses starting in mid-summer and well into fall.

Hobos are poisonous- the best way to eliminate them from your home is to use a professional spider exterminator. Not sure if there is a hobo spider in your house? Call Senske to find out! We’ll provide a free spider inspection!

Just because most spiders in and around Spokane aren’t harmful, it doesn’t mean they’re welcome inside of your home. Although spiders do help get rid of household bugs, too many spiders can make our homes feel unsettling. Call Senske to be your Spokane exterminator at (509) 535-3591 or request a free estimate for pest control in Spokane.

Spokane Ant Control

Black AntThe most common types of ants found in households around the Spokane valley are:

  • carpenter ants
  • odorous house ants
  • pavement ants

Although carpenter ants, odorous house ants and pavement ants are the most common type of ant that Spokane exterminators get calls to remove, there are many different species of ants. Each species looks different and displays unique behavior.

Ants are social, which is why an invasion can seem so overwhelming. The thing that you probably don’t realize is the train of ants you are witnessing is not the entire nest. Ants are hard to remove once they arrive in a house because their nests are often hidden or unreachable. In order to eliminate the entire colony, the ant nest, including the queen, has to be the target for removal. However, ants travel long distances to forage for food. Tracking ants back to their nests can be extremely difficult. Senske ant exterminators are trained in nest removal and experienced in finding and removing ant colonies.

Rodent and Bird Control in Spokane

Pigeon ControlMice, rats and birds; they all share a commonality: disease. Although it’s nice to enjoy animals at appropriate times, rodent infestations inside of your house or place of business is not acceptable. Rodents pose a threat to the health and safety of anyone living or working in a place where rodents have been or currently are living.

Rodents and pigeons can carry diseases. That’s why it’s especially important to address a rodent sighting immediately. Use Senske as your Spokane rodent exterminator. Call Senske at (509) 535-3591 or request a free estimate for bird removal in Spokane.

Insect Control

  • cockroaches
  • bees
  • wasps
  • bed bugs
  • termites
  • fleas

Cockroach ControlEvery once in a while, insects sneak into your house and decide to stay. When an insect infestation happens in your home, it can be distressing. All insects are unsettling, whether they pose a threat to your health and safety or not.

Cockroaches carry diseases, bees and wasps can discourage your children from playing outside, bed bugs can destroy your furniture and leave you with nasty bites, termites can damage the structure of your house and fleas can hurt your pets and transfer disease to them. When a flea outbreak grows big enough, fleas will start feeding on humans as well as pets. Evidence of flea bites can be found on ankles and feet.

For pest control in Spokane, WA call Senske at (509) 535-3591 or request a free estimate for Spokane pest removal services. Senske can provide you with cockroach extermination, bee and wasp control, bed bug removal and termite extermination. Use Senske as your Spokane exterminator!

All work is guaranteed, so contact us for a quote today.

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