Ant Control Services

Teamwork is something that any organization strives for, and there's no better example of how a group can work together than a colony of ants. Unfortunately for humans, ants working together in harmony can create havoc for us by causing food contamination, in some cases painful bites - not to mention the creepy feeling you get when you see a large line of them walking across the kitchen counter!

Ant control can be difficult to implement if preventive steps aren’t taken; left unchecked, ant colonies can expand and evolve from just a few ants crawling around to a major problem in your home.

Ants swarming on woodWe've all had to deal with ants in one way or another, which isn't surprising when you consider that there are approximately 12,000 different species of ants in the world. Most ants live in colonies that contain one queen, whose only job is to lay eggs and expand the colony. Some queens can birth millions of new ants over the course of a summer, mainly consisting of worker ants. These worker ants spend their days working to gather food for the colony with amazing strength, being able lift 20 times their own weight. Ants also leave a scent behind when they find a good food source that their partners can follow, which is why they are often observed crawling in a line formation.

Common Types of Ants

These ants can cause problems for us when they find their way into human food. Their waste can contaminate food and cause food illnesses. In addition, the carpenter ant creates smooth tunnels through wood and can damage the structural integrity of your home. Fire ants carry a painful sting that grows into white welts, while their mounds can also cause damage to crops.

Ant Control Services from Senske

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