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Senske Kennewick has been the preferred lawn care service and pest control provider in the Tri-Cities area for over 70 years. Homeowners, commercial businesses and public properties in Kennewick, WA have benefited from our quality services. 

Count on us for seasonal or year-round landscape maintenance, tree service, preventative weed and disease control or lawn care.


Lawn Care Services

For a greener and healthier lawn, choose Senske for year-round lawn care to keep your landscape and property looking its very best. We’ll also remove the weedy grasses, regularly fertilize and eliminate grubs and other lawn pests. 

With Senske Kennewick lawn care service, you’ll get experts who know your terrain and know your soil. Our team of Kennewick lawn care professionals are EPA and state-certified who love what they do: helping property owners achieve a greener and healthier lawn.​


Sprinkler Repair Services

Senske Services helps Kennewick homeowners and business owners with sprinkler repair and sprinkler adjustments, and sprinkler blowout in the fall. 

Senske Kennewick sprinkler repair service ​offers sprinkler blowouts for both homes and businesses. Our technicians will ensure that all water is completely removed from your pipes preventing damage from freezing temperatures. 


Shrub & Tree Service​

Senske Kennewick tree service provides a team of certified arborists in Kennewick, WA to care for your trees and shrubs. Our arborists are certified through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) organization. 

Our arborists are knowledgeable about native trees in the Tri-City area. We can provide regular trimming, pruning, and protection from a variety of tree borers and tree diseases. Our specialized treatments fertilize your trees or shrubs for long-lasting beauty.


Pest Control Service

Senske’s professionally trained and licensed pest control technicians get rid of pests safely and conveniently. All of our services will be done by technicians who are state and EPA-certified. Every job is backed by the Senske Promise: we will meet your satisfaction, or we will do the job again. Senske’s mission is to provide the best pest removal services to Kennewick, WA and the surrounding areas. Learn more about Senske Kennewick pest control services.


Mosquito Control Services

Look to Senske Services for safe and effective mosquito removal. Our two-for-one mosquito control treatments effectively get rid of both mosquitoes and ticks. Protect your family from both mosquitoes and ticks, and their potentially dangerous diseases. 

Senske Kennewick mosquito control services set up a perimeter of defense around your home or business. Enjoy being outside pest-free!


Christmas Light Installation

Let ​Senske Kennewick professional Christmas light installation service provide your home or business with extra holiday cheer!  Our crew will take care of everything from providing the lights (based on your type and color preference), install them, and check them throughout the season. Once the holiday season has ended, we will promptly remove and store the holiday decorations and lights. 

We’re known locally for our Annual Charity Holiday Light Show, which offers a grand display of lights and fun at our Kennewick headquarters. Now customers can also catch the season’s festive spirit by having us decorate their homes or businesses. 


Commercial Snow Removal Service

Senske Kennewick offers on-call snow and ice removal for the convenience of all business owners. It pays to be prepared when the next snow storm descends on the Tri-City area! Senske Kennewick snow removal helps your doors stay open for your patrons. We recommend you get on our list before the next snow fall and receive timely and professional snow removal, deicing and ice removal that you can count on! Senske’s fleet of snow plowing and snow shoveling vehicles are available 24/7 when a storm moves in.


Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Let Senske help you enhance your exterior with routine landscaping maintenance. We’re well-known by Kennewick businesses and public sector communities for commercial landscape maintenance for good reason. Let us help you put your best foot forward and instill a greater sense of confidence in your customers.

Senske Kennewick landscape maintenance services aren't reserved for only businesses. You’ll also find Senske branded trucks and technicians supporting many HOAs and city/county parks in your neighborhood.

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In addition to serving Kennewick, WA, we also serve the following communities with commercial landscape maintenance, lawn care, pest control and tree service:

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